Are you in the mood for traveling but you think that you should better stay home and struggle with your next academic article in Spanish, or to prepare yourself for the DELE language examination? Are you studying Spanish for Academic purposes for quite a long time now? Or do you want to improve your academic Spanish writing, listening and speaking skills? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then it’s time to consider a different approach because nowadays you can dramatically strengthen your Spanish in record time in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with unlimited sunlight.

1. Affordable in The Long Run.

When compared to years of language courses, immersion programs and travel costs make learning more affordable in the long run. Regardless your age and level, Spanish immersion programs are the easiest and funniest ways to accomplish your highest goals that will make your résumé stand out. They give you the opportunity to experience the vibrant cultural life of Malagalearn from experienced teachers and even to make friends with international students from around the world.


2. Practice As You Learn.

Among the benefits of learning a foreign language are well-documented, is the fact that learning through immersion has particularly positive effects on your brain and stimulates both your cognitive and linguistic skills. Practicing what you learn later that day it will help you develop your abilities because the endless possibilities for oral practice come hand in hand with immersion courses.

These programs are aimed to help you improve your Spanish in highly enjoyable ways. They offer you the perfect context to socialize more and thus to expand your interpersonal skills while practicing your Spanish.

In other words, being exposed to Spanish it will help you train the ear, and it will force you to think in this language. Besides, and you’ll start to think as the locals do and you will truly grasp what it means to be a Spaniard that lives in the wonderful city of Malaga.

Spanish immersion in Malaga

3. The Experience of a Lifetime.

Many people come to Malaga because of the beach, which is awesome indeed, but they discover so much than that. Also known as The Sun Coast city, Malaga is beautifully surrounded by nature, and its weather makes it seem like the most exciting place in whole Spain. You will be amazed by its cultural life, museums, nightlife or by the chances of seeing incredible art shows.


Learning Spanish for academic purposes it certainly takes hard work, but you can study in such a welcoming atmosphere with lots of moments of fun and laughter that when the course finishes you will be left with the feeling that you are closer to Spanish proficiency. Plus, you’ll return home with the knowledge that not many have – which is impressive for your educational, professional, and personal portfolio!

4. Immersion Courses in Malaga Offer Linguistic Support.

Spanish learning programs in Malaga are held by experienced teachers, and they are designed to help you develop your academic writing and oral presentation. You will improve your language skills to the extent that you’ll gain academic knowledge. Also, you will get confident about formal encounters because your vocabulary will be enrichened and you will learn the right conventions in academic settings.

Depending your Spanish level at the enrolling time, at the end of an immersion program you will be closer to independently produce an academic text; you will know where you can find help to solve your text issues; you will carry out independent terminological research, and you will be able to structure your argumentation and reproduce it in writing in a structured and coherent way.

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To put it simply, a Spanish immersion course for academic purposes will help you achieve your goals faster because Malaga city has its secret ways of making you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Among the personalities that were born in Malaga is the formidable painter Pablo Picasso. He once said that “Everything you can imagine is real”. Malaga’s unique energy and rhythm will make you fell into so easily that you won’t even realize when the immersion program is over. You’ll go back home so excited about the knowledge you acquired that you will immediately check those must-does which you’ve wanted to check for such long time now! The nicest thing about an immersion program in Malaga is that this place will make you feel better than home.

Finally, from Agualivar we aim to make each immersion a memorable experience, so if you feel this love for Malaga and the Spanish language, we invite you to know a little bit more about our immersion school.

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