Frequently Asked Questions



How do I enrol?

Go to the page “How to Apply” and follow the steps:

1) Send us the form you will find in the page “How to Apply”

2) Enrol and Pay the deposit

We will send you a document with more info about our school and a placement test.

When have I to pay the balance?

The balance should be paid 6 weeks before your course starts.

How can I pay?

By credit card and transfer bank. Our website offers a secured online payment system.

Where can I see the prices?

Go to the page of our program. At the bottom of it, you can select the number of weeks and students  and the site will show you the price. 

The immersion

How is a typical week at Agualivar?

You can see a schedule in the page “Your day at Agualivar”

When should I arrive?

After 5 p.m. on Sundays. We are not at home before. 

Can I speak English when I am in my free time?

The answer is no. Spanish is the only language allowed during your immersion, even in your free time inside the school. Students have to communicate in Spanish among them too. But outside the school and without the teachers, it is up to you. Although we strongly reccommend to keep using the Spanish. 🙂

What can I do during the weekends?

There are a lot of options. You can visit nice villages and cities like Málaga, Granada or Sevilla. Going to a spa, good restaurants or a flamenco show. We will provide you info about transportation, tips and recommendations.

How many students usually are there?

In a week, the usual is 4 students. However, depending on the season, it can be between 1 or 6 students as maximum. The groups by level never are bigger than 4 students.

Which level of Spanish have the students?

We have students with all levels. But, we don’t offer our immersions for Total Beginners (A1). 

Can I study with my kids?

Yes, we have some weeks a year reserved for programs for families. Email us for more information.

Students profile

Is the immersion for beginners?

It is needed to have an advance begginer level as minimum, equivalent to approximately A2 level of the Common Reference Language Framework. 

Our teachers will assest your level with the info you send before applying. In case we need it, we will do also a small interview by Skype.

Which is the average age of the students?

Most of our students are between 45 and 55 years old. Althoug minimum age to attend is 21.

Where are students come from mainly ?

Mainly they come from U.S. following by Canada and U.K.

Which are the interests of the students?

They have different reasons to do an immersion but mostly they want to improve their listening and speaking skills in Spanish. Usually, our students have studied Spanish during years but they don’t have the opportunity to practice. They need to use the language, refresh, keep improving and gain confidence.

Accomodations & Travel

How are the rooms for the students?

The rooms are spacious with a double bed and study-desk. They have WiFi and private bathroom.

Is there Wi Fi at home?


Can I use the washing machine?

Students staying 2 weeks or more, our washing machine is available for free under request. 

What type of things should I bring?

You can find in your room/bathroom:

– Sheets and towels

– Hairdryer

– Shampoo and gel

We will provide your materials for the immersion such as a notebook and pen. If you like, bring your tablet/laptop but it is not totally neccessary. 

Can I use the pool?

Yes, but take into account that the pool is not heated. So maybe is cold if you don’t visit us during summer.

How do I get to the school ?

By bus or taxi. We can arrange a pick up for you on Sundays, always taking into account our check-in time. 

We will give you all the information after receiving your booking.

Which is th closest Airport ?

Málaga Airport is the closest. Also, you can arrive by train from Madrid.