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Full Immersion Homestay

1,350.00 €/week

Our immersion program is based on a communicative approach where students can speak and practice Spanish around the clock. But, above all, our immersion is about LIVING TOGETHER with our FAMILY, SHARING OUR TIME, ENJOYING while talking during the meals or in the free time. All of this is supported by lessons in the mornings with three experienced teachers. We really trust in our methodology to learn Spanish successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying in our own house. You will be welcomed into Agualivar Spanish School where you will experience Spanish life as part of a warm, friendly family. You will speak only Spanish everyday and your teacher and all the Agualivar family will help you to find the right words in daily conversation. .

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Agualivar Spanish School

What People Say

Highest rated Spanish immersion school at GoOverseas



The Agualivar Spanish School was exactly what I had hoped for and I can’t recommend it too highly.  (more…)


I cannot imagine a better place, or a better way, to study Spanish. First and foremost, both Estefania and Elizabeth are warm, caring, energetic and conscientious teachers.  (more…)


Agualivar school was a perfect school for me. This full immersion program was just as I imagined and hoped for. I feel very lucky that I found this school and appreciate Carmen and Jose for their warm welcome, and Estefania and Elizabeth for their hospitality and great efforts in teaching Spanish. (more…)


I am sure that this is the best place on the planet to study Spanish. After 3 booked weeks I was able to tag on 2 more. (more…)


I was very impressed with the teaching and professionalism of both Eli and Fani. They were able to target areas that I needed to work on grammatically, and in such a small group (more…)


Thank you so much for your hospitality and patience (with me!). I don’t have the language yet (en español) to express my gratitude. (more…)
Spanish gastronomy course


Posiblemente no voy a utilizar la palabra “almizcle” en mi trabajo muchas veces (¿quién sabe?), pero hay muchísimas otras palabras y lecciones que voy a usar todos los días. Voy a echar de menos todas las conversaciones, la risa, la comida, las vistas, etc, No hay otra escuela que podría ofrecer una experiencia similar. ¡Esta escuela tiene un corazón! Y gracias por toda vuestra paciencia…

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