What Our Program includes?


We open the doors of our home and provide nice rooms with private bathroom to our students.

Full Board

Enjoy delicious dishes prepared with care by us. Participate if you like, come to the kitchen and help, but in Spanish.

15h lessons/week

Lessons are in the morning with three experienced teachers. We will work on what you need and with a communicative approach.

+10h Spanish a day

This is the real immersion. From breakfast to dinner, you will have endless opportunities to keep improving your Spanish.

Activities, Workshops, Trips and Much more!

What makes our program a real immersion in Spanish is right this. Students are not only exposed to the language during the lessons, but also along the day. From breakfast to dinner, with activities, workshops and trips in Spanish and always accompanied by one or two Spanish teachers. It is a very important part of our program. Students can practice in real situations and gain confidence.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

During the meal time, always there is a teacher or two with our students. Sometimes, our family join us too! laughing

Spanish games

A funny way to keep learning! Role-plays, board games, taboo… Laugh but don’t stop learning!

Strolls on the Coastline

We take pleasant strolls while talking about different topics, we do conversational worksheets or play games in a coffe shop. Don’t forget your pen and notebook! wink

Grammar and Vocabulary workshops

We organize activities in the afternoon to  work on areas needing improvement. 

Spanish Cooking Workshops

Interested in learning more about our gastronomy? Learn recipes, vocabulary and much more! tongue-out

Cultural trips

A way to know more about our culture, gastronomy, history. We organize one trip per week to discover our surroundings. Nice villages and special places such as wine cellars or olive oil meals.

Real Situations for Oral Practices

Not only students will practice during the lessons, but also in the meals time and during activities we organize to encourage them to speak with locals in Spanish. We can go to restaurants, the local market and others to keep practicing. 

More info about activities

The Spanish Full Immersion Homestay has 3 activities per week included in the weekly price. 2 activities or workshops and 1 trip. 

Activities and trips are organized by the teachers attending the level, needs and interest of the students. 

Activities and trips are planned in the afternoon after lunch but sometimes can be changed depending on the type of activity or weather conditions.

Students goes always with one or two Agualivar teachers and keep speaking in Spanish and working on areas they need.

Is Agualivar for you?

We prefer quality to quantity. For this reason, our school is small with a family concept. Besides, Agualivar is located in a rural setting, so make sure to read the following information before applying. 

Our Students

Demanding Adults, motivated and committed to learn Spanish.

Students that have a previous knowledge of Spanish and have studied it before, but they need to practice and use it in real situations.

They need to gain confidence and improve in listening and speaking skills.

They mostly want to study Spanish for personal reasons: travelling, interest in Hispanic culture, communicate with Spanish speaker friends… 


Our school

Spanish is the only one language allowed. For instance, English or another language different to Spanish is prohibited.

Agualivar is also our home, so students have to adapt to the house rules. See more here.

Our school is located in a rural setting, so don’t expect a vibrant city or numerous shops and restaurants. See more about our village and surroundings here.

By the contrary, Agualivar is a perfect match for those who enjoy the peace and nature in comfort.

Before applying

Before a Spanish school, we are a family and we’d like to welcome our students like part of our family. For this reason, it is important for us to get to know you better. Before booking, email us and we will tell you our availability.

How to apply

Full Immersion Homestay

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Spanish Full Immersion

Learn Spanish by living and studying in our own house. With this Spanish Full Immersion program you will be welcomed into Agualivar Spanish School where you will experience Spanish life as part of a warm, friendly family. You will speak only Spanish everyday and your teachers and our family will help you find the right words in daily conversation. 
Besides the lessons and the experience to share the house with your teachers and their family, you will live a real experience full of activities and workshops in the afternoons. It will give you the opportunity to keep improving your Spanish and learning much more about our culture.
Your day at Agualivar