The history of a Spanish Immersion School off the beaten tracks.

Our immersion school is runned by Estefanía and Elisabeth. Two Spanish teachers and sisters. We try to pass our love and optimism on our students through Spanish lessons but also with all the activities and time we spend together.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.

Benjamin Franklin

Who We Are

Hello! We are two enthusiastic Spanish teachers and sisters that a long time ago dreamed of turning our family house into a special place. A place open to people with interests in nature, arts, culture, gastronomy, Spanish language and everything “off the beaten tracks”. Our house is located in a quiet and rural setting, a perfect place to learn Spanish, live the culture as a local and share experiences with us and our family, living a real Spanish immersion.

In 2014 we opened the doors of our house-school and started our adventure! These have been busy and awesome years. But we can say that Agualivar now is much more than two sisters who dreamed of a different Spanish Immersion School.

Right now, Agualivar is a family with members around the world. This is not marketing or a nice motto, this is the truth. We are proud of it. And we invite you to check it out for yourselves.

What We Do

We welcome you, the students, to our house-school where you live with our family. You are immersed in Spanish and in the culture of our country. Staying with our family in our school, you have the advantage of a teacher at your disposal at all times.

We don’t simply offer Spanish language courses but Spanish immersions. What does that mean? We customize a complete and intensive experience for each student. And we take care of every detail. You participate in our family life and share our meals, thus practicing your conversational Spanish around the clock.
The lessons, workshops and activities are adapted to your specific needs.

What is more important here, it is that we provide a high quality Spanish immersion and we guarantee you will only speak in Spanish during your stay with us.

Why Study with Us?

All day in Spanish

With a traditional school, students have a course with a number of Spanish lessons hours. At Agualivar, you will be learning, speaking and listening to Spanish all day. English or another language is prohibited.

Live in a Nice Villa with our Family

Students can feel the benefits of living with a host family, our family. Being exposed to the Spanish language in a familiar way but also with the support of the teachers. All of this, without compromising your comfort, thanks to a nice beachfront villa with spacious rooms and private bathroom.

Share the Meals with your Teachers

This is a big difference with other schools. Where students finish their lessons and start talking in English with the classmates or they don’t have the opportunity to keep speaking in Spanish. In Agualivar, students have breakfast, lunch and dinner with one or two teachers. Sometimes, our family join us and we always speak Spanish!

4 students as maximum

Agualivar is a small school. Our students are organized by level in groups up to 4 students. This gives a great opportunity to our students to participate much more and take advantage of the lessons.

Two Qualified Teachers for You

We are two qualified teachers,  Estefanía and Elisabeth. That means that during an immersion, students have lessons, activities and trips with different teachers. Different ways of teaching and personalities! You will not be bored! Besides, we will always be with the students during the meals.

A Spanish School for Adults

Our school is mainly for adults. The average age of our students is between 45 and 55 years, but we also have students of other ages, as long as they are older that 21 years old.