This may be a recurrent question when students are thinking on coming to study at Agualivar. Our school has an approach that  not everybody like or want to do. We don’t like to create false expectations. So make sure to read the following info about How is Agualivar and How are Our Students! laughing

Our Students

Demanding Adults, motivated and committed to learn Spanish.

Students that have a previous knowledge of Spanish and have studied it before, but they need to practice and use it in real situations.

They need to gain confidence and improve in listening and speaking skills.

They mostly want to study Spanish for personal reasons: travelling, interest in Hispanic culture, communicate with Spanish speaker friends…


Our school

Spanish is the only one language allowed. For instance, English or another language different to Spanish is prohibited.

Agualivar is also our home, so students have to adapt to the house rules. See more here.

Our school is located in a rural setting, so don’t expect a vibrant city or numerous shops and restaurants. See more about our village and surroundings here.

By the contrary, Agualivar is a perfect match for those who enjoy the peace and nature in comfort.