Your day at Agualivar

Here we show you how is a day in Agualivar. You will live with our family, share the meals with us, attend the lessons in the morning and have two activities or workshops in the afternoon, as well as one trip per week. But also you will have free time to study, relax and discover the surroundings by yourself.


During the weekends, students prepare their own breakfast, lunch and dinner. At home, we always have vegetables, fruits, eggs, pasta…for cooking. But you can also go to the supermarket or good local restaurants close to the house.

Alternatively, if you have booked more than one week immersion, you can take advantage of your free time during the weekend exploring Málaga province or Andalucía by yourself. We will provide you tips and recommendations.

Arrival and Departure Time

Sunday: Arrival day. After 5 p.m. our doors are open to you. 

Sunday is a day to relax and take a break from your trip, to get to know the family, the house… We provide you the schedule for the week, have dinner and go to bed to rest and gather strength for the week to come.

Saturday: Departure Day

It is time to leave (just in case you have enrol in only one week immersion). It is needed to leave home before midday.

Spanish workshop beachbar

Activities and Workshops

Two days a week (usually Mondays and Tuesdays) we organice activities or workshops in Spanish to keep improving your language skills. Sometimes we go to a close bar to practice there, walk while speaking or stay at home doing the activity.

Some example of activities are: Spanish grammar or vocabulary games, short movies, cooking workshops, conversation activities…


Once a week (usually on Wednesday) we go to visit some interesting and nice places close to our home. Málaga province is plenty of amazing villages with a lot of history, wine cellars, olive oil mills, art museums, natural routes, etc. We love to show you our favourite places and keep practicing Spanish while learning about our culture and history.