Homestay tutor

Tailored lessons

Small groups


What exactly is an immersion? We understand our Spanish immersion homestay to be an active and full immersion in the language. We don't use translations and Spanish is the only one language our students hear and speak. Does it sound hard? Maybe yes! But our experience has taught us that this is the best way to improve rapidly and get confidence speaking.

spanish at your teacher's home

Live with your teachers

Our Spanish immersion homestay is based on active learning and daily participation. Living with us, your Spanish teachers, and our family, you keep improving your Spanish skills both inside and outside the classroom.

What you need

Agualivar is a friendly family-run school. We are a small school with small groups and we don’t want to grow. That’s why we can really adapt the immersions to our students’ needs. Not only the Spanish course content but also the immersion itself. Before starting the immersion, we ask about their interests, hobbies, preferences… And we prepare an unique experience for each student! 🙂

Up to 4 students

Most of our Spanish courses are individuals or 2 students in the same level. But we accept up to 4 students for group. This is the way we like to work. Focusing on the students’ needs. What is more important, students get the confidence rapidly, being more at ease and relaxed.

What Else?

Ok, until this point, this is may be similar to another Spanish immersion. What makes Agualivar special?

Nice Beachfront Villa


Healthy food, yummy!

Agualivar home

The best place to learn Spanish, facing the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by tropical trees. Quality accommodation with spacious and bright rooms overlooking the sea. With an infinity pool, gardens and terraces to enjoy your linguistic holidays in Spain. We take advantage of our gardens and the lessons are taught there. We have a classroom but any excuse is good enough to go out! So don’t forget your sunglasses! wink

Off the beaten tracks

Agualivar Spanish immersion school is located in a rural setting. The nearest village is Lagos, a small fishing town. We think this is very important and that is what differentiates us from most of the other Spanish Schools in Malaga. When a student is looking for a real Spanish immersion, sometimes it is hard to find a school with this features. A school off the beaten track, where students are able to spend their time without using their native languages.

Full Board

Healthy and delicious, we have the best Chef ever (our mum) as well as the best organic and fresh vegetables, eggs and olive oil. Everything is grown by ourselves with love and care. Students share all the meals with us and our family to keep learning and practising. Besides, we encourage students to take part in our daily life, helping us in some tasks such as setting the table or preparing some dishes. We are trully convinced that this is how students learn more. Learning by doing!


With our Full Immersions Programs, we organice activities and workshops after the lessons. Always in Spanish to keep improving and practicing Spanish. Every workshop is designed to cover students’ needs. Sometimes, we have the help of a local travel agency, Oletrips. They provide amazing and off the beaten tracks activities and trips to our students, always in Spanish and with special care for boosting our local economy. Besides, two days per week, students have free time to relaxing, reading, studying or speaking with us! 😉