The school is located in the Axarquia, a region east of Malaga, southern Spain. Flanked by the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, from Agualivar Spanish School you can see the highest peak of the region, “The Maroma”. And if you look southwards, you have a view of the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches just 300 metres away. Our location allows you to walk to the beach and but at the same time, find the relaxation you need to learn Spanish.

We want you to feel at home and not just like any other tourist. Become a traveller with us.  Live the experience of a real Spanish immersion and learn Spanish in Spain but in a different setting and in a different way.

Our every day Life

We are Estefanía and Elisabeth, Spanish teachers and co-owners of Agualivar. But most of all, we are a family. 🙂 Our parents, Carmen and Jose, live in the house with the students. Although we are there from breaksfast to dinner to share our time with the students. Our parents are retired, although they have another idea of what “retired” means. They are very active, positive and like to share their time speaking with the students. Sometimes, they join us during the meals although not always, because they have their own life with no “schedules”

Our everyday life envolves around the care and maintenance of our house and land. As you will see we are surrounded by fruit trees, we have a vegetables garden and a coop chicken. Every day we take care of the garden, clean the swimming pool, collect fruits and vegetables, feed the chickens, etc.

Oh! We almost forgot! We have also a pet called “Pollo”, it’s an amazonic parrot. Pollo isn’t so talkative but he is friendly and continuously laughing. 🙂

Your Home and School in Spain

Agualivar House

Our school is located in a stunning beachfront Villa. We have spacious and bright rooms with sea views. Spacios living rooms with TV, library and video library always at your disposal.

Besides, our house is surrounded by tropical and olive trees, with our own vegetables garden and chicken coop. An amazing pool faces the sea for relaxing after the lessons or taking a dip before them! 😉 

To sum up, hight quality accommodation to makes our students feel very comfortable and relaxed. 

Our Farm

In Agualivar Spanish Immersion School we grow our own vegetables, fruits and we have our chickens and eggs! Join us and discover a very natural lifestyle. Learn Spanish taking part in our every day life. And enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners with all kind of fruit and organic & fresh vegetables.

These are some of the tasteful things you will be able to try and help us to grow or pick them! Enjoy! 🙂 

Our House Rules  & Standards of Behaviour

Take care of our house as well as it was your own

Living with our family will give you a great opportunity to experience a real immersion in Spanish but it also requires you to adapt to our rules and be respectful with the family and the house.

Alcohol is not permitted at home

Our school is our home too. In order to avoid possible anwanted situations, the consumption of alcohol is not allowed in the house. However, students have enough free time during the immersion to go to the village and visit some restaurants or bars.

Compulsory Attendance

Our home is only open to Spanish students, so attend to the lessons is totally needed. We don’t accept people living at our home if they are not enough committed with the course.

Be polite and respectful

As long as you live with a host family, try to avoid bad behaviours as having guests stay overnight, making loud noises, smoking in bedrooms, having parties, the consumption of alcohol, the consumption of any narcotic or harmful substance.