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Thank you so much for your hospitality and patience (with me!). I don’t have the language yet (en español) to express my gratitude.
I love the concept of learning in such an inclusive environment. Not only did I learn more Spanish. I feel I have a much better understanding of the Spanish people, culture, traditions and how the country works! I will continue my Spanish lessons in Canada and one day hope to return!


Posiblemente no voy a utilizar la palabra “almizcle” en mi trabajo muchas veces (¿quién sabe?), pero hay muchísimas otras palabras y lecciones que voy a usar todos los días. Voy a echar de menos todas las conversaciones, la risa, la comida, las vistas, etc, No hay otra escuela que podría ofrecer una experiencia similar. ¡Esta escuela tiene un corazón! Y gracias por toda vuestra paciencia…


No tengo palabras suficientes para describer mi agradecimiento. ¡Las dos semanas en esta casa han sido increíbles! He aprendido mucho y he disfrutado cada momento con ustedes. ¡Muchas gracias y hasta luego!


Amazing family!!!! Wonderful and educational experience. Look forward to going back

Sandra & Family

Our family, including an 11 year old and a 10 year old, spent a wonderful week at Agualivar. From the pick up at the Malaga train station we spoke only Spanish and we learned an enormous amount informally and during the lessons over just one week. The teaching and learning environment was supportive, well structured and fun (especially for the kids) and the extracurricular excursions to Nerja and Frigiliana were fascinating as well. The physical environment in the home of our teachers was faultless.
The entire family was welcoming and friendly. We had privacy, we had company, we had a pool, we had wifi, we had kids’ games in Spanish, we had down time, we had meals all together enjoying fabulous homecooked meals, vegetables from the extensive garden and recipes typical of the region (some of which we learned to cook ourselves). Our teachers were both really skilled and really lovely. The lessons were pitched at exactly the right level for our two groups: kids and adults. We switched teachers midway through the morning so there was variety of material and approach.
Our children went into the week with next to no Spanish and made enormous progress and clearly had fun doing it. We all laughed continuously throughout the week and could not have asked for a better Spanish homestay immersion experience. One of our outings was to the wonderful Inacua 50m pool in Malaga so our daughter could have a proper training sesson – that was much appreciated and very generous and kind. The conversations we managed to have in Spanish were broad ranging and interesting and we learned a lot about Spanish culture, politics, history and economy. We cannot recommend Agualivar more highly.


I have no words in any language to express how grateful I am for your kindness, patience and friendship as I embark on this journey to better communicate with the beautiful families of Horizons. Your family embraced me from the first day and I shall always remember this. The conversations we had were so thought-provoking and I think this experience has been life-changing for Me. Now I will go back to the US able to understand my families better, but also myself. Thank you!


What a wonderful stay! I will always remember the delicious food, lovely home, patient teaching and above all, the warm welcome I received here from you all. An excellent experience which surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend the immersion course for it is personalised and well structured approach along with a wonderful setting, great food and a very relaxed atmosphere where the focus is on making you welcome and encouraging progress. Un abrazo fuerte.  Gloria Wickens, UK.





“This school will always remain in my thoughts as the best language learning experience ever. From the first minute I met my teacher and her family I felt like at home, and I would say even better. I felt like meeting my old friends, I felt like on holidays, even if I came there to study. “

“The school itself is amazing, it’s a nice family villa on the hill surrounded by beautiful nature and outstanding views. You can see the see through your window. The atmosphere is relaxing, Zen and calm, all you need for your efficient studies.

I had 4 private lessons per day (two of grammar and two of Spanish culture, history and conversation). I had two experienced teachers who made my classes interesting and involving, all the material necessary was provided, at my free time I could read Spanish books from family’s library, by the swimming pool or in the terrace.
After normal class hours my studies continued, because I was always surrounded by family members and I was continuously speaking Spanish. I felt like their family member, we had all meals together. All food was prepared with love, I ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, picked up the same day strait away from family’s organic fields. Some evenings we had grilled fish or meat dinner in the outside terrace.
My teacher organised as well some trips around Lagos, I visited Nerja and Frigiliana.

My learning experience in Agualivar was short, but amazing and unforgettable, the experience that I would like repeat again and again!
I strongly recommend it to everyone who likes not standard but alternative learning.

It’s all about people!






“The homestay part of the program is equally great. The family was very kind and understanding about my ability to speak. The house is large and beautiful with a lovely pool and garden, and they grow lots of fruits and vegetables. It was lots of fun and really delicious to eat my meals with the family.”





“Among 100+ schools online I found Agualivar Spanish School, and it immediately stood out from the rest – I could feel the heart in it. And, how could a school be as beautiful as Agualivar Spanish School like a heaven? “

“I got a chance to do what I had not done when I was at middle and high school – staying in a host family for learning a language (Home stay program). The school is right inside of this 4,000 sq ft mansion. I was so lucky to have Elizabeth as my tutor, who is professional and very experienced. She is also very patient in both trying to understand you and get you understand her in Spanish for beginner-students like me. Most importantly, she pays attention into details. She knows your level and progress and she will use her creative ways to strengthen your weak and new parts. She cares about your progress more than you do.

For the rest of the time outside of the classes, Spanish only. The host parents during meals, the news on TV, the songs on the radio as well as the cute toddler…they would only communicate with you in Spanish. You will soon get used to it and will realize how much you have improved after few days here, specifically your confidence in speaking in Spanish.

You could also choose to join the local tours provided by the school. We have visited Sevilla, Granada, Malaga, Frigiliana and Nerja together. I was surprised by their capability in explaining the history of the areas. I did not have a map nor a travel book with me. I just had my mind focusing on learning Spanish and they took care of the rest. While enjoying the beautiful scenes, the churros with chocolate, the tapas and the Mediterranean Sea, Elizabeth didn’t forget to give me some little challenges by playing vocabulary games with me… haha, again, you will be surprised by how much you have learnt!

And the bonus part is the 5-star food and environment! they have their own farms and orchards, an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, dozens sets of Spanish DVDs in the comfortable TV room that you will never get bored! I love what they offer in meals! My favourite dis is definitely the home-made Paella! and the fresh salad, tortilla…every meal was a surprise because they seldom repeat it during your stay!

End up I couldn’t tell whether I was here for study or holiday. Maybe that’s exactly what they mean to let you feel. Even my Spanish friends have asked how did I find such a good school. I said, this is fate.”





“I experienced paradise for two weeks this past August. I was embraced as a family member into the Agualivar fold from the moment I arrived. My beautiful room overlooked the terrace, garden, Infiniti pool and the breathtaking Mediterranean view.”“All meals were a highlight due to the fresh locally grown produce, from their own farm, and the engaging conversation. I enjoyed participating in the daily ritual of gathering eggs and then learning how to prepare some local dishes. I never ate so well in my life nor felt so healthy. Art lessons fed my inner artist and Spanish classes focused on culture and gaining a native like fluency. Agualivar is truly a unique language school concept.”




 “I just spent a week in this Spanish immersion experience in Málaga, Spain. I received luxurious accommodation and superb personal and professional Spanish instruction on a one-to-one level with two great teachers. In addition many fascinating side trips were on tap when I wanted them.

I wish that I had had more time. I heartily recommend the school for both a learning and vacation experience.”. Robert Britton, from Canada. March 2016




 “I attended a 1 week immersion program at Agualivar in March which truly surpassed my expectations. From the very first minute of arriving both teachers (Elisabeth & Estefanía) were supportive using the right techniques to ensure I spent my time thinking and applying Spanish like a native speaker.

Whilst encouraging my learning the entire family welcomed me with open arms, a true reflection of the hospitality Andalusians are famous for, the testimony of this was the sumptuous cuisine freshly prepared daily (Fish, fresh fruit and veg etc…).
The accommodation and surrounding were idyllic and perfect to relax and reflect on what you had learnt and to prepare for the next day. There are so many resources to supplement you learning during your stay (Books, films, music) and the activities are great too. My tortilla went down a treat at dinner!
Both Elisabeth and Estefanía paid full attention making it a completely immersive experience. Upon returning to the UK I would for the first couple of day’s accidently respond back to questions in Spanish. I was still immersed in the language and cultural.
I highly recommend the Agualivar experience, my only regret is that I wasn’t able to stay longer, however I’m already looking forward to my return. (Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda,  nos vemos pronto)”. Wayne Wright, IT Consultant from UK. March 2016.