Much can be said about the wonders Malaga has in store, especially for Spanish language learners looking to stay there for their studies. From stunning views of Spain’s southern coastline to a vast array of Spanish historical, cultural, and artistic amenities, Malaga can truly serve as an inspirational place to master the Spanish language.

As there’s no denying the fact that Malaga is truly an excellent place to stay in for people looking to study Spanish in Spain, it’s essential to highlight the city’s assets that can make learning the language more enjoyable. If you’re looking to enhance your Spanish language mastery in choosing Malaga, check out these tips for practicing your skills when staying in the city.

learning spanish in Malaga

1. Visit Malaga’s countless museums.

A great first step to applying your Spanish language lessons outside the classroom is to take some time off to visit Malaga’s museums. As the city itself is known for being an “open museum,” you can use your time off studying to explore the best of its well-preserved monuments, with the ready option to actually gain admission to your choice picks from among the city’s many museums.

You can always count on Malaga for when you want to learn more about Spain’s colorful past. With several museums around the city offering special discounts on weekdays and even free admission on an occasional basis, you can help increase your appreciation towards the Spanish language in the process the more you explore its historical underpinning

2. Expose yourself to Malaga’s vibrant culture.


All year round, Malaga is home to several cultural events that quintessentially exhibit the beauty of Spanish culture in action. More likely than not, you can elevate your interest towards increasing your Spanish language mastery the greater your exposure to Malagueña ways of life. Open yourself to the city’s cultural facets – that’s one way of maximizing your educational stay.

Indeed, language isn’t something that’s stagnant in nature, which is why the entire point of going on a trip to Spain to learn the Spanish language is to make sure that your appreciation in learning it could only grow. Consider that when taking note of Malaga’s unique cultural upbringing – you may just manifest your appreciation through vastly-improved Spanish language skills.

3. Participate in Malaga’s active arts scene.


Spain’s flamboyant cultural character is perhaps best attested by its vibrant arts scene. Malaga provides an outstanding example – that shouldn’t be any more surprising, considering that the city is home to one of the country’s favorite sons in the arts, Pablo Picasso. Consider increasing your drive to increase your Spanish proficiency by engaging in the city’s artistic activities.

Malaga’s increasingly-expanding arts scene is perhaps best exemplified by its newest cultural space – La Termica Malaga. Said venue – housed in an equally artistic building that once served as an orphanage, is home to several exhibitions, workshops, and shows. Plus, the likes of Malaga’s Teatro Romano and Teatro Cervantes both have great offerings for theater enthusiasts.

4. Delve in Malaga’s active nightlife.

learning Spanish in Malaga

Socializing with people is something that’s definitely a norm in Malaga’s lively nightlight scene. With bars dotting the city’s most vibrant spots, meeting new folks by way of enjoying the night is certainly one thing that you must do at least once – twice even, when spending your time off from Spanish studies in Malaga.

Keep track of upcoming parties or events that would definitely make your nightlife colorful in Malaga. With so many festivities in the city, you can expect the likes of street parties and after-party celebrations in several of the city’s nightlife venues. Plus, with the city giving you several reasons to celebrate at night, you can enhance your chances to expand your Spanish proficiency.

5. Socialize with Malaga’s friendly folk.

spanish immersion malaga

Lastly, but definitely not the least significant, you must keep in mind that Malaga’s residents are relatively friendlier than in several of Spain’s busier urban cores. With a relaxed lifestyle conducive for healthy and wholesome socializing, you can expect to improve your Spanish language skills through the people you get to meet around the city.

You will find excellent opportunities for you to socialize with Malaga’s locals. Whether you’re genuinely curious about how people go by their daily lives in the city, or just want to make small talk, you can get the guarantee of a warm reception that will definitely motivate you to learn more about the Spanish language.

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