Studying the Spanish language has its perks, and choosing the Spanish city where you’ll base yourself for that purpose can elevate those perks to a much-higher level. To say the least, each Spanish city available for Spanish language-learners like you offers a unique experience that may or may not help you in your mission to become a fluent Spanish speaker and writer.

Given that, large Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona automatically comes to mind whenever discussions on the best cities in Spain for studying the Spanish language is concerned. Those cities – being large ones with a high rate of economic activity, can be conducive for learning Spanish. But if you’re the type who would enjoy unique options, other cities may do the trick.

Enter Malaga – a gem along Spain’s rugged southern coast. With stunning views of neighboring Costa del Sol, a well-preserved historic center, and countless amenities dedicated to the arts, Malaga promises its own brand of conduciveness for Spanish language students. Here are some advantages of what a Malagueña lifestyle can bring to improve your proficiency in Spanish.

1. Relatively-lower and budget-friendlier costs.

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Madrid and Barcelona, Malaga has reasonably-priced amenities that can satisfy any person on a given budget. Thus, if you’re someone who has taken some time off work to study Spanish in Malaga, do expect things to be a little less costly for you compared to that of two of Spain’s great metropolises.

Museums tucked in several locations in Malaga all offer special discounts for students, and are sometimes free or even cheaper during some days. Such is, of course, in exchange for learning more about the city’s history as it established its place within the Spanish empire of old, as well as to feature its rich historical heritage and vibrant taste for culture and the arts.

What’s more, food and other basic necessities aren’t as expensive as the ones in either Madrid or Barcelona. Accommodation, in particular, is waycheaper in Malaga compared to those in those two large Spanish cities. That should at least provide you with a modicum of calm, considering that your student budget can be as limited as it can be.

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2. Friendly locals and easy-going vibe.

Both Madrid and Barcelona may provide first-timers the opportunity to live the Spanish language as they learn it. Yet, as both cities are notoriously busy (and stressful as a consequence), Spanish language-learners who prefer to have a bit more peace and quiet might end up looking someplace else should they decide to go to Spain to improve their Spanish communication skills.

Being a coastal city, Malaga provides anyone – students included, with a far-more peaceful environment that doesn’t compromise on the amount of activities people can undertake for leisure. Lined with a splendid row of beaches, you can get yourself an opportunity to do small talk with many of the locals – from the shopkeepers to anyone you meet at any nighttime bars.

 What’s more, Malaga’s population is generally friendly compared to the rather-snobbish nature of both Madrid and Barcelona. Since Malaga isn’t exactly a large city, it retains much of its population’s friendliness and openness to other people, what with the laid-back atmosphere prevailing over it, particularly on an ordinary day.

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3. Exotic flair for history, culture, and the arts.

There really is a reason why Malaga is known as an “open museum” – its sights are truly gifts for the eyes, while its active arts scene and emphasis on culture makes it highly encouraging to visit. In that sense, you may get the impression that there’s a whole lot of things anyone can do when in Malaga – that, of course, include learning and living Spanish as you master it.

The Malagueña lifestyle emphasizes on the importance of history, culture, and the arts in Malaga. That, of course, would engage you as a Spanish language-learner to expand your horizons in your quest for greater linguistic knowledge through the deeper appreciation brought forth by the city’s colorful past, interesting way of life, and tasteful artistic endeavors.

Therefore, if you choose to stay in Malaga, be aware that you’re in a highly-privileged position to add greater passion to increasing your Spanish language mastery, mainly through your direct exposure to the city’s history, culture, and the arts. In the process, growing your interest in those areas would lead you to a greater appreciation for learning the Spanish language.


To sum it up, it is clear that we love our city, much more than that. We love our province! Malaga province is full of surprises, friendly people and arts.

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