Sunny weather year-round, sweeping views, and a mix of old-world charm and modern flair – that’s what the southern Spanish city of Malaga is all about. Whereas most tourists from all around would describe the Andalusian capital as a piece of paradise on Earth, it also counts as a fantastic place where people worldwide can enjoy learning the language in a Spanish Language School in Malaga.

There are countless reasons why Malaga is the place to be for anyone learning to speak and write in Spanish, its relative distance from Spain’s more well-known cultural centers Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. More than just presenting an entirely different side of Spain, Malaga has its own home-grown charm that proves to be attractive to Spanish-language learners.

1. Pleasant old-world sceneries amid the conveniences of an urban landscape.

Malaga’s contemporary cityscape may not be as active as that of Madrid and Barcelona, but its coexistence with a rich antique atmosphere provides a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. A picturesque port city with dazzling views of the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga sets itself apart from other urban centers with its resort lifestyle and relatively laid-back feel.

spanish school spainThe beauty of Malaga centers on its history – it doesn’t compromise when it comes to displaying its rich historical heritage. Monuments throughout the city are restored to near-perfection, and museums offer reasonably-priced ticket prices (sometimes with special discounts) – all in exchange for an enriching experience in getting to know the Malagueña way of life.

Needless to say, you won’t run out of things to do related to history and culture in Malaga if you’re a student looking for a Spanish Language School there. Make it a point to explore the city’s most popular sights – Pablo Picasso’s birthplace and the Gibralfaro Castle among the most notable examples, and indulge in a breath-taking experience, knowing that these wonderful sites are just within your reach.

2. Transportation convenience connects you to several places in the city.

Malagueños enjoy living in Malaga because it provides several transportation amenities that make touring several of the city’s sites very convenient. A solid and well-connected network of buses and trains tread through Malaga’s various sites, making the city very friendly for sightseers. At the same time, the city provides bike rentals for visitors looking to explore the city individually.

Journey maps for Malaga are available for anyone’s perusal – they’re not at all complicated to use and are readily available throughout the city. Details on the airport, bike rental service, and how-to guides on exploring Malaga are widely available in the form of reading materials spread across the city, particularly in newsstands, bookstores, and transport stations.

Understandably, exploring the ins and outs of Malaga – like any other city, would take anyone (including you, perhaps) some time to get used to. If you’re looking to live in the city as a Spanish-language student, make it a point to read up on instructions on how to use the city’s vast public transportation network – that’ll certainly add to your fluency in Spanish as well.

3. Bearable weather conditions provide for a lovely stay.

spanish lessonSpain is known as one of Europe’s sunniest countries – that sets the country apart from what many people worldwide know of other European countries: cold, rainy, and snow-clad. With that, Malaga in particular does have fine weather conditions that make it easy for people planning for a trip there to prepare their wardrobe – most importantly for Spanish-language students.

Sunny weather prevails throughout much of spring and summer in Malaga. With that, you may want to stock up on thinner outfits that allow you to have a decent amount of comfort under the heat of the sun. What’s more, swimwear is a must if you wish to enjoy the beach during these times – both spring and summer are the best times to hit the city’s coastal resorts.

On the other hand, autumn and winter in Malaga may tend to be wet. That’s why it’s important to stock up on rainy day gear – coats, umbrellas, boots and the like, so that you’d be able to tour the city pleasantly during these times. Fret not, however, as much of the city tends to experience milder conditions during autumn and winter compared to other places in Europe.


We are sure you love Malaga at this point! And what is more important! You have been convinced that Malaga is the Best option for students looking for a Spanish Language School in Spain. Take a look at our Spanish Immersion Programs and experience it by yourself!

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