Understandably, studying Spanish in Spain is a rather-costly endeavor, but it’s certainly an investment that counts insofar as experience and exposure is concerned. Being in Spain affords you the opportunity to embrace Spanish as a language you can truly appreciate, and with that comes the consideration on which city in the country you’d choose to stay in as a student.

Automatic choices for that would be two of Spain’s largest cities – Madrid and Barcelona. Although both have their respective peculiarities in character, their cosmopolitan makeup makes them relatively globalized and expensive at the same time. Given that, those who are gunning for more authentic experiences may have tried looking for other Spanish cities.

Malaga is one Spanish city that can offer a completely different experience to that of Madrid and Barcelona. With a sunny clime year-round and a lifestyle heavily influenced by its coastal character, Malaga is truly a place not to miss. Here are some reasons why Malaga can be a better choice than Madrid or Barcelona as a city where you can study Spanish.

1. Cost of living is lower.


Certainly, life is sweeter in places where bills and payments are lower in costs, and that’s made even sweeter if it’s coupled with the existence of convenient amenities. Such is the case of Malaga – it may not have the same hustle and bustle to the degree of Madrid and Barcelona, but it provides city living for a great fraction of the usual cost.

Malaga’s economy may be based heavily on tourism, but its relatively-fewer residents amid an urban environment beset with typical cosmopolitan amenities – all for a lower price, make it an appealing place for your Spanish language studies. It’s no wonder that the city’s prominence isn’t ignored – it’s known as among the most important urban hubs in Spain’s southern coast.

Furthermore, Malaga doesn’t compromise as long as fulfilling your senses with less-costly means is concerned. Take, for instance, the picturesque historical sights dotting Malaga’s streets, or the more than 20 museums around town that offer discounted prices for admissions on weekdays. With those kinds of attractions, lower costs would mean more worthwhile experiences.

2. Environment is more conducive.

One thing Malaga guarantees is the fact that it has an environment that’s way more conducive for learning compared to Madrid and Barcelona – that is, if you’re talking about the level of noise and stress. Both Madrid and Barcelona’s busy nature contribute to a lot of distractions that can derail you from your much-needed concentration– the same though, can’t be said for Malaga.

Malaga’s more relaxed lifestyle – inspired by its stunning coastline and lesser population density, affords you with the kind of peace and quiet you need for your mind to be able to absorb all of your Spanish language lessons. Needless to say, staying in Malaga to study Spanish would most likely feel like going to a resort town to calm your mind off your problems.


Furthermore, Malaga’s laidback nature means that its residents are friendlier compared to Madrid and Barcelona. Being large cities, both Madrid and Barcelona have their fair share of snobs who would rather go on with their own lives than reach out to other people like you. In Malaga, however, you can converse with locals easier and in a more light-hearted manner.

3. Amenities for history, culture, and the arts are alive and buzzing.

Malaga is chock-filled with amenities that serve up some of Spain’s best exhibitions in history, culture, and the arts. With over 20 museums around the city and its historic city center given the moniker “open museum,” Malaga offers countless opportunities to feed your hungry senses.

Now then, what’s the relevance of that to your status as a Spanish language student in Malaga? The answer’s pretty clear at this point – a greater appreciation towards the Spanish language can be cultivated through countless exposures to Spain’s history, culture, and the arts – things that are very much alive and well throughout Malaga.

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With that, it’s highly crucial for you to consider Malaga as your choice destination for learning the Spanish language. Take advantage of the relatively low costs as you get access to some of the finest scenes in Spain to witness its finest examples of historical heritage, as well as its most active and engaging culture and arts scene.

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