Maybe are you planning your next holidays in Spain…Have you considered studying Spanish while enjoying a city like Malaga? A language holiday can be an amazing experience but also quite challenging. Living with a family or your teachers in the same house, attending a Spanish immersion homestay course, listening to Spanish every day around the clock… Does it sound difficult? No, if we have our Mini Guide: Spanish to Survive!

This mini guide helps our beginners Spanish students in their first days of immersion. We practice every day from breakfast to dinner colloquial sentences and vocabulary we need to communicate in Spanish.

We have collected some useful Spanish phrases and vocabulary to use at breakfast, at lunch or dinner, in the classroom, in the shops or in the restaurants.

Picture this: You are in your first day of a Spanish immersion course in Spain. You wake up at 8:00 in the morning and head into the kitchen for breakfast with your teachers and new Spanish family. Imagine how to ask for a coffe or tell them what do you prefer. If you are an intermediate Spanish learner, probably you won’t have problems.

However, if you are a beginner Spanish student you may feel stressed out. To avoid this situation, our school has designed this funny guide with the basics for your first week.

After reading this guide you will be able to communicate in Spanish in different contexts. We start with the mornings and finish with some usephul vocabulary in the Chiringuito. A beach bar in Spain that we usually visit with our students to have a drink or eat some fresh fish!  Don’t miss it! That is without doubts the most needed vocabulary if you want to enjoy your language holiday in Spain!

Let’s start!

1. Mini- Guide: Spanish to Survive: Useful phrases and Vocabulary in the morning and in the table.


Spanish to survive


2. Mini- Guide: Spanish to Survive: Download our Complete Guide and Learn Useful phrases and Vocabulary. (This content is exclusive for PREMIUM users).


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In the coming months we will share more Guides like this! Join our community and receive exclusive guides and materials to learn Spanish for free. Improve your communication skills in Spanish and have fun at the same time! However, if what you need is adventure, come to Agualivar. We are a different Spanish immersion school off the beaten tracks. Ideal for adults and families. With an amazing Spanish immersion program!

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