There are not many cities in Spain which can compete with such high standards that one can enjoy in Malaga. If you love good food, amazing landscapes and perfect weather, then Malaga is one of the top destinations that you should explore. Here is why:

  1. Learning Spanish Expands Your Travel Destinations

spanish immersion in malaga

Before you even read further this material, I’d like to highlight the main reason why an immersion course in this outstanding city is a smart investment. Once you see how fast you can improve your Spanish speaking skills in a friendly and warmful context, you will realize that this language will bring you many benefits and new experiences. You will become eager not only to revisit this fantastic city but to explore lots of other particularities of the Spanish cuisine. Besides, you’ll be more confident to choose your upcoming destinations even in other Hispanic countries. But before you would want to explore other Spanish-speaking countries, the beauty and the adventure of the flavors in Malaga city will soon have conquered you.


  1. Learn From Experienced Spanish Teachers and Take Study Breaks To Enjoy a Memorable Meal.

Spanish immersion in MalagaChoosing to be banned voluntarily from communicating in your mother tongue, will motivate your brain to deal with daily situations by adjusting all your knowledge and understanding of Spaniard’s behavior. The personalized courses will allow you to study for short and intensive periods of time in a relaxed atmosphere. You will improve your Spanish skills before your brain even figures out what you are trying to do. And you know why? Because having lunch at one of the beach restaurants by the Mediterranean sea or daily dining while enjoying how the sunset colors the waves of the sea is such an enjoyable and rewarding experience which will simply help you overcome learning block.


  1. Perfect Weather Seasoned With The Authentic Flavors.

spanish immersion malagaKnow as the Sun Coast (Costa del Sol) this city offers you many options and meal deals, while your emphasis on refinement is the number one rule which almost every restaurant in Malaga offers. Of course, summer time is fantastic for travel, but Malaga has such a warm weather all the year round that it wouldn’t matter what season you can book your trip. That is one of the reasons why your endeavor to study Spanish by enrolling to a language course for adults worth it. Moreover, these programs come hand in hand with memorable trips, perfect meals, and opportunities to make new friends.

Depending on your budget, during your immersion time, you can choose one of the many circuits for gourmands. From complete itinerary of sea fruits cuisine to walking and tapas tours or you can devour Malaga food in Michelin Restaurants. Regardless, a mouth-watering and affordable plate you must have in Malaga is a simple dish with fresh sardines (Chiringuitos) roasted on spits in a traditional beachside barbecue, along with a caña – it’s a quintessential experience recommended by the locals.

      4. Extra Must Try Typical Dishes of Malaga.

You should also remember to try the following typical dishes of Malaga that will surprise you, but I highly recommend you to adventure yourself in the traditional cuisine of this fantastic city.

Molletes de Antequera – the perfect delicatessen of an Andalusian breakfast. It contains fried or grilled slices of bread, tomatoes, thin slices of Jamon, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. Eaten immediately tastes divine.

Purple Carrots (from Cuevas Bajas, north of Malaga) – finely sliced and grilled local carrots, accompanied by salt and extra virgin olive oil – natural, dehydrated and crunchy snack

Gazpacho – healthy cold soup made of tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, olive oil, garlic old bread, and water. Very refreshing on summer days.

Salmorejo – another cold soup that has simple touches of sophistication. It is a denser version of Gazpacho and contains tomatoes, green pepper, onion, tuna, hard boiled eggs, cooked potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar.

Fritura Malagueña malaga spanish course– an exquisite dish with various types of seafood come fried together. Sardines, squid, red mullet, cuttlefish, horse mackerel, small hake, monkfish and Norwegian haddock. This plate is a must have for any seafood lover. Once tried, it’s impossible to forget the perfect flavors.

During your staying you can delight yourself with the rich flavors of the Costa del Sol, taste the very best wines and enjoy the magic of Spanish Michelin-star chefs. Immersing yourself in this fantastic city will make you notice that learning Spanish is not as difficult as it may have seemed.


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