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The first rules that one should follow when studying a second language are intense study, stay focused and, at the same time, relaxed. These are some of the main ingredients of a successful formula, but it could be as difficult to apply it as simple it seems. So if you are struggling with Spanish for some time now and the long hours of learning appear to be not efficient anymore, then it’s time to try a different approach.

Usually, the traditional ways of studying lack unpredictable and highly enjoyable experiences. For this reason, the results of a month spent on the regular study cannot compete to the outcomes of not even a single week of language immersion program followed. I highly recommend that you season your endeavor of studying the language of the most impressive figures in history with an immersion course in Malaga. Known as the capital of the Sun Coast (Costa del Sol), this city is perfect for students of any age and Spanish level, any time of the year.

1 Incorporate Travelling with Studying

You can achieve Self-mastery by applying many strategies, and this is one that meets your utmost needs. To stimulate the brain, one should update their process with new and smart means because the main risk of repetitive tasks is that they can make the student get bored and thus to experience learning block. That’s why you deserve a way much better study approach and why Malaga is a good cultural fit. While on vacation, your brain is taking a break from daily activities and stress. An immersion course taken in one of the oldest cities in the world will nurture your explorative side, and you will achieve the discipline that I was referring to in the first place in a relaxed ambient.

Vacation courses are personalized by experienced teachers so that you can learn tips and tricks which will help you master your Spanish. Besides, studying this language with a native expert trainer will bring you lots of enchanting and rewarding experiences once you realize how useful their help is in overcoming Spanish learning challenges. You will understand that such a program followed in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by amazing landscapes and by the friendly native people of Malaga will make you achieve your language goals sooner than expected.

spanish immersion courses in Malaga

2 Deepen Your Understanding of Spanish Culture for Faster Fluency Results

Misunderstanding the cultural setting and social behavior of Spaniards leads to misinterpretation in conversations. An immersion program will introduce you with the main differences in the fundamental cultural patterns of attitude and behaviors of Spanish people.

It’s a general opinion that immersion courses are the best ways of studying a language. There are lots of positive reviews stated by successful learners, teachers and even linguists on this topic. Understanding the culture of Spain is essential if you are looking to accelerate your speaking abilities because it reflects the logic behind its language.

The rich cultural life of Malaga welcomes international travelers from all over the world and pleasantly surprises them with a variety of activities. From top art centers such as the Museo Picasso Málaga, Centro de Arte contemporáneo de Malaga and Centre Pompidou Malaga to traditional Flamenco performances, you can get a glimpse into the Latino spirit and thinking.

spanish immersion program

3 Practice Your Speaking Skills in New Fun Ways

I highly recommend you update your Spanish learning strategy by switching from time to time to a Spanish course in Málaga. Aside from the group classes or the private tuition ones that you can choose from, an immersion program will include a variety of delightful activities in a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. You’ll get the chance of practicing your speaking skills in an exquisite environment, meet amazing people and why not, make Spanish friends.

Study and the excitement of traveling are perfectly integrated into language programs abroad, especially because this city is brilliant for exploration for many reasons. During your staying, you can get a Málaga Pass which includes free admission to main museum and monuments. In case that you prefer long walks in the middle of nature, the Natural Park Montes de Málaga, the Historical-Botanical Gardens or the Guadalhorce estuary area of natural beauty should be on your must-visit list. Also, there are many hiking and cycling routes closed to motor vehicles, where you can choose interesting activities from a wide range of ecotourism options.

You should also experience this city at dawn. Walking down to the streets early in the morning, to the esplanade, you can enjoy the fabulous chromatic of the sea, golden touched by the first rays of the sun. In Málaga, the beach has a length of about 14 kilometers and is separated from the urban traffic by wide esplanades. This amazing city offers you many options from stumbling across various beach bars and restaurants, sanctuaries of excellent traditional Malaga cuisine and emblematic for the fresh fried fish simple dish which comes perfectly with a caña of beer.

Having a glass of good local wine while watching the beach at sunset rewards you with an intense explosion of aromas, colors which perfectly defines the beauty of this lovely city.

spanish immersion malaga


And these are the ingredients of Spanish immersion course recipe. Don’t forget that  Agualivar Spanish School adds: friendly native family,  warm atmosphere and love to Malaga and Spanish language! If you liked this recipe, we invite you to share! Help us to spread it! It is FREE and we will be GRATEFUL! ¡SALUD!

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