If you are willing to obtain an official Spanish certificate, work, join an internship, or access courses for academic education, then a long-term Spanish immersion course in Malaga is an excellent choice.

On the top benefits of enrolling in a Spanish course for a longer period is the fact that you get discounts, promotions, and free activities. When compared with years of Spanish classes in your hometown, Spanish immersion courses are affordable and efficient.

A Spanish immersion course in Malaga is something new and productive at the same time

spanish immersion course in Malaga

You probably know that learning Spanish improves your prospects with employers and universities, but studying Spanish in Malaga gives you the opportunity to fulfill your goals faster and also to have a great time living abroad. This way, you will develop your interpersonal skills and international experience, which adds to your CV a valuable international dimension. Besides, you will enjoy the benefits of becoming fluent in Spanish and the lifelong cultural awareness that can only be achieved with a longer stay abroad.

Once you dedicate yourself to the Spanish language during a trimester or longer, it is ideal to set the goal of finishing the course with an official internationally recognized certificate. The content of the course remains general, standard or intensive, except that the courses are more specifically targeted at acquiring the skills and performing them in the best conditions the day of the exam. Official certificates are a significant professional asset because they represent a reference for employers all over the world, that’s why they are essential nowadays on a CV.

Voluntarily Expose Yourself to the Spanish Language To Accelerate Your Learning.

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Residing for a longer period in Malaga means that you will have to communicate in Spanish and that is the key element of the immersion programs. Offer an ideal learning environment that allows you to acquire solid Spanish skills under the best conditions, including students of various nationalities with the same language level in each class. You will be placed at the level corresponding to your existing knowledge thanks to an evaluation test.

A Spanish immersion course in Malaga offers you the most efficient route to becoming fluent in the Spanish language. The programs are designed for your personal needs, aims, and desires. All the teachers are experienced and trained for teaching Spanish to international students. The teaching methods they use are modern and based on efficient communication. Grammar is approached as a tool to produce meaning, not an aim in itself.

Refresh Your Existing Knowledge and Develop it in Daily Practice.

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Malaga is a fantastic destination for endless reasons. First of all, the weather and landscapes are just inspiring.  Living in daily Spanish immersion and having enough time at your disposal offers the opportunity to become acclimatized. Both the knowledge you have and the information you take in class can be put into practice effectively. The learning of Spanish, in context, is integrated in a natural and dynamic way, step by step. You can use all the knowledge you acquire from day to day so that it becomes part of your real life.

For any Spaniard work always fits around social and family life because the whole Spanish society is founded around the family and the sense of community. That may be one of the main reasons why this country has the best lifestyles and quality of life in the world. The Malagueños are hedonists by definition. They are cordial, passionate, spontaneous, open, independent and enthusiastic people.

During your immersion program, you will get the chance to make many friends among the locals, to understand how Spaniards think and express themselves and, ultimately, to successfully communicate yourself in Spanish.

Malaga is the City Where Open Water Swimming and The Spanish Culture Intersect.

Malaga is like a plastic urban paradise. During your immersion in this magical city, one of the oldest in Europe, you will feel blessed with happiness. The vibrant cultural offer and lifestyle conquered anyone. Malaga also provides a variety of leisure activities which are more calm, with a dense network of museums and art galleries.

The city is very well connected to other Spanish and European destinations. Malaga Airport, the third largest in Spain, hosts many low-cost airlines, so traveling to and from Malaga is affordable nowadays.

Moreover, you can enjoy mouth-watering seafood that is economical or moderately priced, right by the beach. Eating fresh fish while enjoying the mind-blowing sea landscape is one of Malaga s quintessential experiences.

Last, but not least, to study Spanish with professional teachers in a relaxed atmosphere and to swim on a daily basis are striking opportunities that one shouldn’t miss.

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Is all this real? We think so! We invite you to read our students testimonialsAgualivar is a small and family-run school where students experience a real Spanish immersion, taking part in our daily life, attending Spanish lessons in the mornings, having breakfast, lunch and dinner with us and our family, chatting about Spanish life, culture, art and politics… and having fun! 😀

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