When people visit a new country or new city they all have there doubts. They dont know where to go or how to ask it. Questions about right direction, is there a good restaurant close by? Where is Picasso’s Museum or how far is the train station? Some basic Spanish expressions when you are studying in Malaga city will be help the first days.

Everybody wants to speak the native language instandly, dont you? Whether you come to Malaga for studying Spanish or if you are already in Malaga, we help you with a basic Spanish phrases for beginners.

When we visit white villages around Agualivar Spanish School, like Frigiliana or Nerja, our Spanish students need to practice this useful vocabulary. Maybe they are looking for a pharmacy or where to buy postcards and stamps. They have to ask local people where it is. It is truly rewarding to see how they are able to do well, themselves.

Read the imagen bellow, and you will be able to say some Spanish expression when you study Spanish in Malaga or when you are on holidays in Spain.

Spanish expressions when you are studying in Malaga city


Besides, if you are passionate for travelling, you will love exploring Malaga city and the small white villages with narrow streets in Malaga province. Would you like to practice these Spanish expressions that we have selected for you?

In the picture below, we speak about how to explain a direction, what prepositions and verbs we usually need.  

Spanish expressions when you are studying in Malaga city


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