If studying in Spain for improving your Spanish language-learning skills in right on your agenda, then make it a point not to overlook Malaga as an option. Although the city isn’t large compared to the likes of Madrid and Barcelona, the Malagueña way of life offers several perks that makes your overseas learning experience more pleasant.

Malaga’s scenic beaches, exotic atmosphere that blends the old with the new perfectly, and resort lifestyle provide just a fraction of what a Spanish language-learner like you can expect from the city. Taken altogether, these top five reasons provide enough justification behind Malaga’s enduring appeal as a city best suited for learning the Spanish language.

1. Malaga provides several opportunities to meet friendly Spanish-language speakers.

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When you’re in Malaga, expect its laid-back way of life to work wonders for you as a Spanish language-learner – you’ll be able to meet Spanish-language speakers easily without fearing them as much as the stressed-out folks in Madrid and Barcelona. Expect to meet local people in plazas or in nightclubs that are far more relaxed and amiable to practice your Spanish confidently.

Moreover, with Malaga’s status as a tourist destination, expect to meet like-minded foreigners who are more than willing to exchange ideas with you on their Spanish language knowledge. With that, you’ll have even greater confidence to learn Spanish on a peer-based approach – one that enables you to practice the language in real life without any fear of being harshly criticized. Learning the Spanish language this way seems less hard!

2. Malaga gives a charming array of tourist attractions.

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One thing’s for sure about Malaga – that city provides you with several opportunities to explore interesting parcels of Spain’s history. With a richly-maintained historical city center, Malaga prides itself in being one of the country’s best places to experience large parcels of its storied past. What’s more, its coastal lifestyle is a pleasure to reckon, what with the attendant amenities it has.

Interestingly, Malaga is also a joy to explore with the help of its convenient transportation amenities. The city has an expansive network of buses and trains that spans most of its most interesting areas. At the same time, you can also make use of the city’s bike rental services, which comes with a minimal cost in exchange for a healthy way of enjoying the city’s sights and sounds. This is another reason that make Málaga a great option for those who are studying the Spanish language and are looking for a immersion experience.

3. Malaga possesses a coastal lifestyle that’s to die for.


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Breezing sea winds, siestas on the beach, and a mouthwatering array of coastline views – what’s not to like about a Malagueña coastal lifestyle? Indeed, it’s more fun to learn Spanish in an environment that doesn’t have the toxic aura of a highly-urbanized environment – Malaga combines the best of both worlds while making the sea its central feature.

Surely, Malaga’s coastal lifestyle is something that can truly work to your advantage as a student of the Spanish language. For one, you get to talk to people whose laid-back attitudes make them more pleasant – and less stressful, to talk to. Also, you can have more opportunities to meet the likes of them in the form of the city’s beach-inspired nightlife – indeed, an experience to die for.

 4. Malaga has fine weather that doesn’t hassle on clothing.

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Weather-wise, Malaga is blessed with a relatively-temperate weather all year round. You won’t have to worry about harsh winters or blazing hot summers that would, of course, force you to drastically change outfits and distract you in your Spanish studies. The city’s humidity during spring and summer and rain during autumn and winter makes for a manageable lineup of clothing.

Spring and summer in Malaga is best spent on the beach. Take it from the residents on what to wear during those times – you need just an essential selection of thin clothing to make it work for you. Come autumn and winter, prepare just at least a number of coats useful for the rain, as well as a handy umbrella you can bring around with ease.

 5. Malaga gifts everyone a magical experience that doesn’t break the bank.

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Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Malaga is the fact that it doesn’t make it hard for anyone to enjoy its offerings by breaking budgets easily. In fact, living in the city is far more relatively affordable compared to doing so in Madrid and Barcelona, given that its economic activity isn’t as intense as compared to those two Spanish epicenters.

With all of Malaga’s unique historical sites and flavorful sights and sounds heavily inspired by the coastal location, who would ever think that the city is bearable in terms of expenses? As a Spanish language-learner, you have for yourself a deal when you choose Malaga as your preferred destination in learning the Spanish language in Spain, as it offers palatable yet non-costly experiences.



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