Reasons for Choosing Malaga over Other Large Spanish Cities for Studying the Spanish Language

If you’re a Spanish-language learner looking to expand your knowledge and skills through studying in Spain itself, perhaps two of the best cities that come to your mind are Madrid and Barcelona. With strong economic activities that enable both to represent and characterize Spain at its best, Madrid and Barcelona inevitably emerges as the two most preferred destinations in the country. However, some authentic travellers who are studying the Spanish language, look for other options. Maybe off the beaten tracks, maybe smaller cities, maybe simply something different.

Enter Malaga – Spain’s most prominent coastal city in the south. This Andalusian city has several offerings that make it a notch better in several aspects as a place to learn Spanish the applied way, compared to Madrid and Barcelona of course. Its historical sites meshed with modern characteristics makes the coastal city a site to behold, particularly for learning Spanish.

1 Malaga has a convenient transportation network


Visitors who worry so much about convenience wouldn’t feel the same whenever they touch down on either Madrid or Barcelona. Both cities are well-known for their expansive train networks, walkable streets, and efficient travel times – all thanks to their deeply-admirable transportation systems. That, perhaps, could be the reason behind Malaga being overlooked by several people.

With a relatively-vast network of buses and trains, Malaga is truly an easy place to explore without sacrificing much on conveniences. Given that, you’ll be able to get for yourself an immersion that could enrich your Spanish language skills moving forward – with the pleasure that you can actually go anywhere with it. Indeed, you’re guaranteed with hassle-free experiences touring the city.

Should you prefer to go solo or if you want to get the most out of your stay in Malaga, the city actually offers bike rental services that keep you connected with the rest of the city, particularly in fringes where the best-kept secrets are. Not only do you get to explore the city’s places individually – you also get to benefit your help with physical activity for a very purposeful cause.

 Rent a bike for you Spanish program

2. Malaga is cost-friendly for its highly-worthwhile amenities


What makes Malaga so appealing compared to the likes of Madrid and Barcelona is the fact that it has relatively lower costs – perhaps one that owes from its highly-provincial character. Needless to say, the city provides its own charming character without leading anyone to neglect their finances drastically. The relative affordability of the city is, indeed an aspect to reckon.

Taking a trip to Malaga’s museums and city spots truly provides for a pleasant experience, as those can give several people with valuable insights on Spain’s history without having to pay expensive amounts of money. What’s more, copious amounts of things to do in Malaga allows you to have more choices for your budget – and that’s important if you’re looking to enjoy on a budget.


Unlike in capital Madrid or economic giant Barcelona, Malaga emerges as among the classic examples of peripheral Spanish cities where costs are lower but nonetheless enjoyable. Spending your Spanish language sojourn the Malagueña way is a choice that definitely takes in both financial and material considerations – you get to enjoy the sights and sounds without having to spend much.

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3. Malaga is as Spanish as Madrid and Barcelona – only a bit more relaxed


Most people would say studying Spanish in Madrid and Barcelona provides for the most Spanish-ever experience in learning the language, simply because of the fact that both cities have a storied rivalry that best represents Spain. But in terms of talking about whether other places in the country is as authentically Spanish as they can get, Malaga emerges as a fine answer.

Malaga’s reputation as a regional power means that both urban and rural settings thrive together around and within it, providing you with friendly and more-relaxed people to whom you can speak Spanish too. Plus, lower costs means more relaxation – that alone helps justify why the city is conducive for Spanish language-learners.

At Malaga, you’re much free to talk about your musings in the Spanish language with residents who are much more willing to give their time to you to socialize. Through that, you get to practice Spanish the right way, motivated further by the fact that the people are friendlier and more approachable compared to those in busy Madrid and Barcelona.

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