Live an immersion experience overseas and learning Spanish at last are on your list? You should choose the city carefully.

It’s probably normal for many people to consider either Madrid or Barcelona for programs that provide opportunities to study the Spanish language in Spain. Given that those cities are two of Spain’s most important social, political, and economic hubs, many can attest that those places offer all the essentials for Spanish language students.

But for those who are looking for a totally-different yet equally-convenient experience, Malaga comes out as one of Spain’s most important places where anyone can learn Spanish. Although not as popular as Madrid and Barcelona, Malaga has a set of salient features that make it a desirable city for learning the Spanish language.

This article provides you with some of the most important highlights about Malaga – its significance as a place where people can learn Spanish is anchored mainly on its historical character and a standard of living that fares well amid its relatively-lower costs, particularly when compared to Madrid and Barcelona.

1. Malaga is one of Spain’s most important cultural centers.

museo picasso malaga agualivar

Outsiders would, again, automatically refer to either Madrid or Barcelona whenever Spanish culture is put on the discussion table. But the well-versed crowd must be aware that Malaga can offer even much as more than those two megalopolises as long as Spanish culture is concerned. Malaga’s well-preserved historic city center speaks for itself – but that’s just the preview.

As a foreign Spanish language student, Malaga has a lot of offerings in store for you. The city’s historic center is known as an “open museum,” given its perfectly-restored artifacts that pay homage to its more-than 3,000-year history. Museums such as the Museo Picasso Malaga and Museo Carmen Thyssen dot the city, giving you a greater appreciation of Spain’s origins.

Furthermore, Malaga’s colorful cultural character means that its regional cuisine shouldn’t be one to be undermined as well. With restaurants serving up tapas and seafood for reasonable prices, you won’t run out of culinary options when in Malaga. Plus, the locals are among the friendliest in Spain – just see for yourself once you immerse yourself in the city’s active nightlife scene.

2. Malaga has reasonably-priced amenities beneficial for Spanish language students.

learning spanishLiving the student lifestyle in Malaga isn’t all that difficult, especially if you’re running on a tightly-controlled budget. That’s because the city offers several discounts for many of its main attractions, and reasonable prices abound for its basic commodities as well, particularly for food and accommodation – things that are much harder to come by when in Madrid or Barcelona.

Enjoying Malaga under a student budget isn’t actually a disadvantage, as its more laid-back atmosphere makes up for whatever shortcomings shorter funds may bring. You can, for instance, just go to the beach to relax in the afternoon, or simply stroll around the city center without spending anything. After all, the city is an “open museum” enjoyable to everyone, even for free.

Furthermore, the fact that Malaga’s reputation as a favorable city to learn the Spanish language continues to grow means that you’ll be able to meet fellow foreign students looking to improve their Spanish language mastery. At the very least, that should provide you with good company that can make you forget about costs, especially as you engage in activities together when in the city.

3. Malaga has a relaxing lifestyle conducive for learning.

Malaga beach agualivarStunning beaches, a glowing beachfront, and tastefully-crafted views inspired by the sea – what’s not to love about waking up in Malaga every single day? Compared to the noise and hassle associated with Madrid and Barcelona, Malaga provides you with a laid-back atmosphere that lets you master your Spanish in peace.

With a lifestyle that’s less-stressful than in Madrid and Barcelona, Malaga can afford you to manage to your mind well after a hard day’s work studying Spanish. Siestas along the beach can give you wonderful opportunities to mingle with locals – and practice your Spanish skills in real life along the way.

Furthermore, Malaga always has a lot for hungry eyes – its majestic scenery largely brought forth by its thousands of years in existence means that you’re in a completely-different environment where you can ease whatever worries you have that distracts you from your Spanish lessons. The extent to which the city can be conducive for learning is amazing – from its views to its culture.

Learning Spanish in Malaga gives you the opportunity to improve your language skills in a welcoming city. Agualivar Spanish School will show you the best places in Malaga while you learn Spanish! 

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