Any art student is aware that among the benefits of learning the Spanish language are the essential career links it can create. New bold projects in collaboration with international fellows can only be done if the language barriers are down. An art professional highly increases its chances to get more exhibition invitations, art residencies, talks and international collaborations if he is at least bilingual. Hispanic countries are art friendly and undertaking a project in a Spanish-speaking country is always an amazing experience. In this article, you will know Why Malaga has the Best Spanish immersions for Art Students. If you don’t believe this, keep reading!

Malaga is interested in attracting not only tourists but talent too, and for this, it bets on culture. Nowadays, Malaga is considered the newest Arts Hub. From its cuisine to music and contemporary art, its diversified offer keeps vulture cultures excited. An immersion course in this city not only helps you to improve your Spanish skills faster, but it also brings you rewarding experiences and networking opportunities. The benefits of enrolling in a Spanish vacation course in Malaga are multiple, and you might already predict some of them. However, in this article, we’ll highlight the most important ones, those that make Malaga essencial for Art Students looking for the Best Spanish Immersions.

1. Practice makes perfect, but practice soon after as you learn, is better than perfect.

best spanish immersionsSpanish classes are adapted to your specific purposes and level by experienced teachers who are highly enthusiastic about teaching you their language and the most important things about the fascinating culture of their country. These programs are adjusted to the needs of any student. An immersion course in this well-established city within the cultural sphere allows you to enhance your vocabulary and creativity with fun. Joining such program means that you voluntarily agree to be exposed to the Spanish language on a 24h a day basis for a short period, and this makes it better than perfect.


2. Swimming in The Sea After Class is A Rewarding and Irresistible Experience.

This city delights his tourists with fantastic weather all the year round. Malaga is right in the heart of Costa del Sol area and has a total of 14 kilometers of beach. Thus, during summer time, swimming is one of the greatest choices you can make on a daily basis. This way you can recover after intense training, workout, boost your brainpower and even find inspiration in happy moments.

During winter the water’s temperature is not high enough for a swim, but the weather is sufficiently warm to relax by the beach. Local cuisine is mouth-watering. I recommend you to try a plate of fresh sardines roasted in a traditional seaside barbecue and a beer (a caña). Also, you should go for lunch at one of the restaurants by the sea. There you can have your meal and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean in a highly enjoyable atmosphere.

3. Expand Your Networking in Malaga.

An art student is on his way to becoming a cultural producer. In this case, as important as inspiration and creativity is networking. A Spanish vacation course in Malaga allows you to meet experts and make new friends within its spawning art scene.

spanish immersion courseFor instance, Soho Art District of Malaga city is a highly creative area sprung at the CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo) initiative. The district is located next to the Guadalmedina River into an area that is full of cafes, galleries and art spaces. This community is mainly known for its graffiti and street art, featured on many Social Media channels such as Instagram and Twitter. Grafitti is one of the most preferred means of expression in the area and among the artists who exhibit in Soho are the huge international name such as D*FACE, Obey, Pejac and Manuel León.

This place is the synonym to alternative culture, and it offers a broad range of cultural events and activities. You can see art exhibitions and consult their good documentation, with biographies on the official web page of the District (MAUS website – Malaga Arte Urbano Soho).

4. Explore The Art and Culture in One Of The Oldest Cities in Europe

After you finish your daily Spanish classes, you can immediately find exciting ways to apply the new information you learn by exploring some of the best museums and galleries in the city. Amongst the essentials, we profile the following ones:

immersion program spainMalaga Picasso Museum is located a few minutes away from the house where the famous painter was born. The house is placed in Plaza de la Merced, another museum open to the public. Here is running at least one temporary exhibition and you can also find an excellent shop selling art-related books and gifts. It’s the third Picasso museum in Europa, after locations in Barcelona and Paris.

Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum based in the 16th-century Palacio de Villalón in the heart of the city. This museum displays 230 paintings collected by the widow of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza. Most of the artworks emphasize the Andalusian art and are dated around the 19th century. Among the artists displayed by The Thyssen Malaga Museum are Zurbarán, Sorolla and Romero de Torres.

From Phoenician and Roman remains, vestiges of the opulent Baroque churches to stunning contemporary art centers and even Russian Art, the cultural life of Malaga city covers a variety of periods and areas of interest for a cultural producer.

An immersion course in Malaga is a bold approach that brings you amazing experiences and boosts your confidence and attitude towards your art. While your Spanish level will be increased, you will also get determined to set and accomplish even bigger goals in life.

Agualivar Spanish School offers you the opportunity to combine your Spanish Immersion Program, with Art’s lessons in our wonderful beachfront villa.

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