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Some of the best ways to learn a new language can be found outside the rather rote environment of the classroom. Your language teacher, regardless of competency, can only bring you as much learning as you can get within the classroom, given that the outside world has more learning opportunities to offer. The same idea applies to learning Spanish – a lively language with a lively cultural background. Limiting yourself to studying Spanish inside the classroom would be a terrible waste, not just because you can learn more outside but also because you’ll miss out on living the language given the cultural flair associated with it. For this reason, we ecourage our student to live and experience a Full Spanish Immersion. Here, I present to you some of the reasons why learning Spanish is more exciting when you live it.

  1. You get to interact with native Spanish speakers

There’s nothing like learning Spanish from the very people who live and breathe it – the native speakers! As your language teacher would often tell you, the best way for you to increase your mastery in Spanish is through interacting with locals whose fluency transcends the rigidity of your language course books. Colloquial terms are best imparted through time spent conversing with native Spanish speakers, given that they are most accustomed to their language’s cultural inclinations. As you spend more time talking to native speakers, your appreciation towards Spain’s culture, as well as that of other Hispanic countries, can only grow. With that, you can get greater motivation to learn Spanish, as you live its cultural leanings, perhaps even accommodate them as part of your lifestyle, and you have your native Spanish-speaking friends to thank for that.

  1. Your appreciation to Spanish culture can grow further


Every language has undeniable connections with the cultures they originated from. With the same applying to Spanish, you can have access to Spain’s cultural offerings the farther you go in learning the language. As you go deeper in studying Spanish, you’ll eventually realize the importance of learning more about the cultural contexts of some of the words and phrases you learn. Alas, that would open your curious mind to a whole world of opportunities to learn more about Spain’s cultural peculiarities, not just as a necessity for ensuring proper usage, but also as a way of increasing your appreciation towards it as you practice your skills with fluent Spanish speakers. Living the Spanish language would thus encourage you to appreciate and accommodate some cultural facets associated with fluent speakers – those who come from Spain and Hispanic countries where the language is widely spoken.


  1. Your trips to Spanish-speaking countries will be more colorful


Learning Spanish by the book can give you technical knowledge on the language at best, but once you get to use the language practically through conversations with native speakers, you’ll realize that it’ll come in handy once you visit countries that speak it as their lingua franca. Living the Spanish language can enhance your appreciation towards the language, and your travels to Spain or Hispanic countries can become more enjoyable. Expect storekeepers to be flattered by your use of Spanish-language colloquial terms especially was they find out that you’re actually a foreigner. Become that one cool foreigner casually hanging out with newly-met locals in a bar packed with Spanish speakers. By learning Spanish by living it, you will definitely thrive in any Spanish-speaking country and enjoy all your moments there without the familiar feeling of being awkwardly left out.

With the wealth of benefits living the Spanish language can bring, you may now want to consider learning the language that way in the best manner possible. Look for online communities or language services online that can connect you to potential Spanish-speaking conversation partners, so you can sharpen your fluency by talking to someone with a native tongue. Consider opting for study-abroad programs based in Spain or Hispanic countries to gain greater cultural exposure as you learn Spanish; find packages that come at reasonable prices in your country of choice. If you are looking for something different, look for programs that enable you to live in a home hosted by a Spanish teacher, so you can learn more about the language as it is used at home daily and eventually grow accustomed to it.

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