Picture this: You are planning your holiday, let’s say in Malaga. But you really want to make the most of your time. This year you are thinking about a different kind of holiday. You would like to relax in a sunbed but also take profit of your spare time in a fruitful way. Well, we give you one idea: Language Vacation Courses in Malaga are a great chance to take advantage of your holiday. You can enjoy a amazing city with a genious gastronomy and perfect weather. You can learn the Spanish language and immerse yourself in the Malagueña lifestyle. And moreover, you will be able to do one of the world’s most impressive things: Communicate in another language! Do you agree? Let’s start with the basics and then find out why Malaga is one of the Best Spanish cities for Language Vacation Courses.

Any conversation starts with saying Hi. In Spanish, you can first use one of the following starters:

¡Hola! (Hello)

Hola, ¿qué tal? (Hello, how are things?)

Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?)

Hola, ¿qué hay? (hello, what’s up?)

Buenos días (good morning)

Buenas (very informal, to be used at any time)

Ok, but then what? How can you elaborate and express your complex thoughts when talking to a Spaniard?

spanish activititiesLearning Spanish with native speakers will bring a fresh approach to improving language skills and for better results in tests. You would probably have heard before that practice makes perfect. Maybe you already know that this statement is true from your previous experiences and you also know that repetitive tasks could harm your study performance. But did you ever asked yourself how can you overcome language learning block? Well, taking immersion courses is a success-oriented strategy that brings considerable benefits to your endeavor. Compared to traditional learning methods, these programs get you immersed in Spanish language and culture from the very first day. They are designed in a manner that helps everyone to improve their Spanish skills effortlessly.

Far the most important aspect of enrolling to such a program is the fact that you can shift from the classroom claustrophobia to a dynamic learning strategy. Moreover, you can choose a course adapted both on your needs and budget. Either you enroll only yourself or your whole family, everyone can have a great learning experience regarding age, language level and specific needs. Holidays immersion courses are marvelous and perfect ways to outsmart the regular tourist packages.

If you would like to spend your leisure time in Spain, you can choose from a variety of programs carried in amazing cities. Spain is one of the top European countries destination for tourists who enjoy swimming or resting on a beach during hot summer days. On the other hand, the northern side of Spain could also be perfect if you love mountains and chilly summer nights. You just have to choose what landscape and environment you’d like to be surrounded by while you are on holidays.

spanish coversationYou don’t need to worry about planning your holidays too much anymore. Spanish Language Vacation Courses provide you with high standards cultural tourism, and they offer perfect study-fun balance. Besides, by joining such a program, your family will have the opportunity to practice their conversational skills, develop their vocabulary and pronunciation, reading and writing skills via direct exposure to Spanish experts and local community. In addition to studying Spanish, you can prepare for your DELE test, learn the language for academic purposes.

An immersion course in Spain would be both a fantastic cultural adventure and an active language learning way. From art to literature and gastronomy, this country inspired many great historical figures. In northern Spain, you can discover things like the oldest prehistoric caves in Europe, Altamira, which is full of amazing rupestral paintings or you can explore the tradition of the El Camino de Santiago walk. In the eastern part of the country, in Barcelona, one of the most impressive attractions is the Sagrada Familia Roman Catholic church designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudí. A couple of hours away from this city you can visit Salvador Dalí’s house, in Figueras. The Mallorca island also hosts another Surrealist painter’s house and studio – Juan Miró. You can also see here another great artwork made by the contemporary Spanish artist Miguel Barcello, commissioned by the Palma Catedral. In the southern side of Spain, in Málaga, you can visit Pablo Picasso’s Museum and many historical sites such as the outstanding Alhambra palace and fortress.

spanish courseAside from discovering the magic of such formidable places, you can enjoy museum visits in the comfort of friendly people who are willing to help you practice and improve your language skills. These programs offer your whole family a variety of fun activities which are perfectly combined with educational opportunities.

In the context of a Spanish language vacation, your family disconnects from daily tasks and boost their skills and imagination at the same time. You will notice how fast your confidence will increase, which means that your progress will become an essential motivation factor to continue learning. Moreover, your attitude regarding other projects that you didn’t have the courage to start will change. It is crucial to highlight that this is simply a very smart way of spending your holidays abroad. You will learn to master your Spanish faster while also learning things even about yourself which you wouldn’t probably have known.

Some studies indicate how a language learning stimulates new neural growth and connections so why not outsmart regular tourism by providing your whole family rewarding experiences such as making international friends while training their brains in a joyful manner?!


We are sure you love Malaga at this point! And what is more important! You have been convinced that a Language Vacation Courses in Malaga are the best option to make the best of your holiday! Take a look at our Spanish Immersion Programs and experience it by yourself!

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