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Anyone who has a modicum of knowledge on Spanish geography would know that Malaga is among Spain’s most prominent urban centers where people can enjoy a relaxing coastal lifestyle. Yet, what perhaps a few people know is the fact that the Andalusian capital also rivals its cosmopolitan counterparts Madrid and Barcelona in terms of Spanish language learning.

What’s it about Malaga that makes it a highly-appealing place to learn Spanish? What does it take for one to learn Spanish in a place reputed for its warm people, sunny weather, and historical monuments? Well, before laying out all of the city’s positives at once, it’s best to delve into a full-fledged discussion about the things that make the city the best for learning the Spanish language.

1 Malaga is reasonably-priced

One of the worries that strike people the most when it comes to learning the Spanish language in Spain is the fact that the prices involved are exorbitantly set. Needless to say, it’s indeed true that studying languages in their places of origin is an expensive investment. Of course, the benefits to that are priceless, and it’s even better if the most reasonably-priced deals are considered.

Malaga, by far, is among the most reasonably-priced cities in Spain where students can relish on learning Spanish. Apart from the fact that the city’s status isn’t of the same magnitude as that of cosmopolitan Madrid and Barcelona, the city itself offers some of the best of the country’s cultural offerings mixed with its own regional flair – one that’s truly worth the experience.

If you’re a Spanish language student in Malaga, you’ll have numerous opportunities to practice your Spanish in real life without ever having to break the bank. Visit the city’s museums and monuments, have some tapas for lunch, meet new people down at the beach, or simply savor all its scenic street scenes – all without having to sacrifice your savings back home.

learn Spanish in Malaga

2 Malaga has a vibrant nightlife

A surefire way of practicing your Spanish language skills is through socializing, and that’s certainly one area Malaga can deliver well as much. With a colorful resort lifestyle, one can say that meeting new people in Malaga can be far more pleasant compared to doing the same thing in far busier places within Spain such as Madrid or Barcelona, among many others.

Bars and nightclubs dot some of Malaga’s most nightlife-friendly areas. Places surrounding the historic center, coastline, as well as the Pedregalejo-El Palo area near Malaga University are just some of the most enjoyable places where a drink or two could come with new sets of acquaintances – depending on the degree of confidence you have in meeting new people using your Spanish skills.

What’s more, spending the nightlife in Malaga is definitely an enjoyable way to beat the usual stress you may experience in trying so hard to learn Spanish in between your classes during vacant times. Unwinding in the city’s highly-sociable milieu with a drink in hand can perhaps help you release your stress to allow you to absorb more Spanish-language lessons along the way.

learning Spanish in Malaga

3 Malaga offers numerous immersion opportunities

As a student yearning to learn Spanish, you definitely have a good understanding of the fact that it’s important to thrive within a highly-conducive environment, Malaga, by all means, is a place that offers several opportunities for you to practice your Spanish-language skills with real locals – without worrying about actually where to look for them within the city.

As with much of the rest of Spain, Malaga is known to spend sunny afternoons with at least an hour or two for break time called “siestas.” Worry not if you think everyone’s sleeping the sunlight away that time – you’ll most likely encounter people in the plaza relaxing time before they resume their work, or you can catch up on sleep so you can enjoy socializing in the city’s nightlife scene.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to share your Spanish-language learning concerns with other foreign students who are also studying the language in Malaga. As a renowned urban center, Malaga has sort of built for itself an international personality along Spain’s southern coast, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on socializing with fellow foreigners as well.

learn Spanish in Malaga

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