Have you always wanted to study abroad but think you may be too old to do so? If you have, then it’s time to relax and get more confident about seniors and retirees’ opportunities because adventure never had an age limit. You would love to explore amazing landscapes, customs, and life in a Quixotesque way by enrolling yourself in a Spanish immersion course in the lovely city of Málaga. This way, traveling, language learning and culture will perfectly work hand in hand for you. For this reason, either you would like to learn Spanish from scratch or to become conversationally fluent, study abroad is a fantastic choice for the following grounds:

1 Enjoy the Benefits of Training Your Brain

The endeavor of learning a second language comes with cognitive benefits, and the most important one is that it delays the aging process. According to recent studies, the ability to speak another language than the native one may avoid the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or delay it by up to 4.5 years. It is also suggested that improving the capacity to switch from a language to another is one of the key factors in keeping the mind active and engaged, which is translated into the body in better health. As a matter of consequence, learning Spanish while adventuring yourself into Málaga city will bring you dozens of rewarding experiences.


2 Enhance a Positive Attitude and Nurture Your Curiosity

Aside from contributing to growing your brain, a Spanish course can increase a more positive attitude toward all things you always wanted to accomplish but didn’t have time to do. Besides, the challenges of learning Spanish will significantly be lowered because you will be accompanied in this experience by a professional native teacher. Joining an immersion course in Málaga is a great way to encounter a new exciting dimension of traveling abroad, one that leads you to the enriching life of self-fulfillment.

3 Learn Spanish Solid Tips and Tricks For Extraordinary Fluency

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You will enjoy studying a personalized course in a relaxed atmosphere. Critical to add is the fact that these programs are designed to help you become fluent in record time. Because these programs are held by experienced teachers, who are simply the best at making Spanish conquer people’s hearts.


4 Interact With The Friendly Malagueños

During your staying in Málaga you will have the opportunity to maintain your social skills. From learning traditional food recipes to understanding national customs, or making international friends, you can enjoy interacting with the local community of Malagueños. They are cheerful people who love to share the magic of their city with everyone.

5 Get Delighted By The Local Mouth-watering Cuisine


The explosion of flavors in the traditional cuisine of Málaga equals almost any experience of happiness. One of the must have for breakfast is the “Molletes de Antequera.” They are grilled or toasted and come in either round or oval shape, covered with thinly sliced Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, fresh tomatoes, and Extra Virgin Oil. Molettes are best when eaten immediately and highly addictive. For lunch, a caña (beer) and some fresh sardines roasted on spits in a Malagueño beachside barbecue are one of the quintessential experiences for you. If you are wondering about what could come next for dinner, well, then Ensalada Malagueña is a great starter for a meal. This typical salad contains a cold potato with salt cod, onion, green olives, and oranges. This recipe gives on the potatoes a great twist that one might be used to.

6 Perfect Weather Regardless The Season

Málaga city is the capital of Spain’s wonderful sun coast (Costa del Sol). If there is one thing that one couldn’t help but simply love about this city is its weather and climate. Winters are wet and also very warm, and for this reason, it is famous for having almost the warmest winters in whole Europe. During January, the coldest month, the average high temperature of Málaga is 17°C and an average low of 7°C. Rarely happens that the temperature can drop to freezing at night. Since Málaga is protected from the north by the mountains, the warm southerly winds which blow from Africa contribute to a perfect weather all the year round. Enjoying the sun and warm days while immersing yourself in the life and culture of Málaga is a rewarding experience even during winter season.

At the end of an immersion course in the rich city of Málaga, you would be certain about two things. Firstly, you will become aware of the fact that studying Spanish is not that complicated than you always thought. Secondly, you wished you’d studied Spanish for a longer period. To sum up, you will fall in love both with Spanish language and the city. And that’s why you will be looking forward to coming back to practice your Spanish skills in the warm and lovely context of Málaga.
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