The 21st century comes to its challenges and entrepreneurs face with quite similar confrontations as people like the Italian world-known navigator Cristopher Columbus once did, so to speak. Did you know that it took him up to two years of negotiations before he came to an agreement with the Spanish court for having his voyages financially supported? Without a doubt, you too dream big and push your limits to expand your firm internationally, but let me ask you a question: How long do you think it would take you to convince your next potential Spanish client that you are the best fit for a contract? If you feel that there’s room to improve your Spanish skills, then undertaking an immersion course for Business Purposes in Spain is the most efficient decision you could make.

Improving your command of Spanish increases your business potential because it’s the second international language and this frankly means more growth opportunities all over the world. Only an experienced native teacher can help you improve your level of understanding and appreciation of this country’s language and culture. The benefits of taking such a program are multiple and among the essential ones are:

1. Fluency in Business Communication.


Either you go for a personal tuition program or a group class, the central goal set by the Spaniard teachers is the same: to promote fluency in your daily interaction with Spanish clients. The first option gives you personalized attention and instruction, while the second one allows you to interact with other international students who share the same interest in Spanish as you do.

 2. Fully Immersion in the Country Culture and Language from Day One.

immersion course for business

Another plus of attending an immersion course for business is that by being directly exposed to a different culture, you can heighten your perception of its people. As a result, you will be able to develop a better understanding of a client’s needs. Predicting an international buyer’s expectations means that next time you prepare yourself for a business meeting you know how to lower the chances of being disappointed. You’ll be closer to a win-win scenario.

3. Customized Lessons that Meet Your Specific Goals.

immersion course for business

Your learning experience is intensive and unique because the teachers design approaches for getting you closer to a higher success rate. You’ll join a variety of activities; you’ll get immediate feedback on various tasks, and you’ll learn top tips and tricks for enhancing your business Spanish. It is true that maybe your teachers don’t know everything about your specific business vocabulary. But experienced language teachers always research on a particular theme in order to help you.


 4. The Courses are Practical, Dynamic, and Skills-focused.

immersion course for business

Spanish immersion course for business involve practicing your listening skills based on specific case studies and business meetings. Also, from grammar correction to presentations, the classes are personalized for your language level and expectations. Moreover, they give you the opportunity to exercise more on your writing practice so that next time you write an E-mail, you’ll know how to properly address to Spanish clients so that you keep them interested and open to accept your terms. Developing your level of understanding of this language you will start to think like a native. By doing so, reports, summaries and powerpoint presentations in Spanish will become a piece of cake for you.


5. Prove that You Perfectly Meet Your Client’s Needs.  

immersion course for business

It might not be a secret, but I’d like to remind you that becoming a cultural fit to an external client is almost as much as important as the services you can provide. So why not delight them by showing that you did your homework regarding understanding their needs from a cultural perspective too? It would be a guarantee for them that you are sincere, keen to meet their needs and highly qualified for starting a collaboration in a specific locale.

You can only add value to your company if you gain excellent language skills. Therefore, you will become confident when you express yourself in Spanish, and that will give you the opportunity to consolidate the potential of your company in a more creative manner. Either your instinct tells you that you are closer than ever to what Columbus once referred to as a “great quantity of gold” or you have already have met with it, you should not forget that only the most stubborn and skilled ones get the chance to collect as much as possible.


At this point, do you feel the need to explore what an immersion course for Business purposes in Spain can give you? We invite you to know more about our Business immersion homestayour school and our family!

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