Spanish immersion holidays are a fresh approach for anyone who wants to take a few language lessons while traveling in Spain. Regardless your age and language level, or the amount of time you intend to spend in this highly enjoyable country, Málaga is on top of the international learner’s preferences for many reasons.


1 The Perfect Climate Nurtures a Positive Attitude

Protected from the north by the mountains and by the sea to the south, Málaga has a microclimate with mild temperatures during the winter season. According to science, sunny and warm days are linked with a mood boost and that alone sounds like a pretty good reason to consider Málaga as your destination. A place that enhances a positive view of yourself will contribute to building confidence regarding things like Spanish pronunciation and other communication skills.

2 The Landscape Variety Available at Just 100km Drive Away

The language classes are personalized to meet your specific needs. Even if you may want to improve your business Spanish or you may be interested in practicing your speaking skills, this city will pique your curiosity and excitement. Close both to the mountains and to the sea, Málaga city offers your holidays dynamic suggestions adapted to your weather preferences. If you are looking for winter sports, then you can enjoy a few days in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

3 Eating Lunch at The Beach in February is a Divine Experience

Imagine what more rewarding experience could one have after a Spanish class than having lunch outdoors even in winter! You can do that at “chiringuitos” – any of the beachside restaurant. Enjoying the fabulous local cuisine in the sun while seeing the waves crashing in the distance allows you to get into a calm and delightful meditative state.

4 Christmas in Málaga is Fantastic

The reason why Spanish language holidays are perfect for your whole family is that it has a contagious festive atmosphere. The light display on Calle Larios is splendid, and the Christmas markets inspire liveliness and happiness. People of all ages go to see the huge nativity scene which is exhibited at the Town Hall every year. Your family can also enjoy the parade for the Three Kings Day (Reyes Magos) and which brings joy to children with gifts and sweets. To put it short, the holidays in Málaga are peculiar and highly enjoyable for people of any age. If you are looking to offer your family exciting ways to deepen their understanding of the Spanish culture and language, then Málaga is perfect when it comes to spending magical times. Nothing is more exciting than training their knowledge in a welcoming city where you can also make international friends.

5 Expand Your Agenda with Cultural Activities


A Spanish program undertaken during holidays in this town will give you an integrated experience of learning and the perfect study – fun balance. After all, exploring the hometown of the famous painter Pablo Picasso is a must. Málaga has a vibrant cultural life, and you can enjoy a variety of museums, art centers, and galleries. The Interactive Museum of Music holds flamenco evening shows that can give you a glimpse of the authentic Latino vibrations.

6 Train Your Listening and Speaking Skills in Spanish with Natives

The best way to achieve fluency in conversational Spanish is to accelerate your learning in a dynamic and entertaining way. For this reason, immersion courses in a fantastic city like Málaga play an essential role in your study process. You can get more quickly, easily, and accurately to accomplish your goals being guided by highly-experience native-speaking coaches. They offer instruction in the fundamental skills of Spanish, regular guidance, and correction in a relaxed context. Developing fluency while enjoys plenty of time to explore the rich cultural offerings available in and near Málaga is a great advantage that you can make use of even during holidays.

7 Spend Your Holidays The Smartest Way

Spanish immersion courses in Málaga offer you exceptional features for your whole family. From personalized counseling to pair assistance, your children can be trained and guided by experts who are willing to help your whole family make the most of their time in this fascinating city.
In a sense, one can say that immersion courses in Málaga are an investment because while your family enjoys quality time abroad, they can also improve their Spanish skills. You can contribute to boosting their enthusiasm about language learning by offering them an incredible experience of learning for pleasure. Málaga will immediately conquer their hearts because it’s the perfect for any age, no matter the season.


From Agualivar Spanish School, we love Málaga, it is our city. We cannot be impartial. However, it is a fact that Málaga is an exciting city! Its pleasant and dynamic athmosphere have made it a destination in great demand for the people who would much like to learn Spanish.

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