Agualivar Spanish School review Wayne


“I attended a 1 week immersion program at Agualivar in March which truly surpassed my expectations. From the very first minute of arriving both teachers (Elisabeth & Estefanía) were supportive using the right techniques to ensure I spent my time thinking and applying Spanish like a native speaker.
Whilst encouraging my learning the entire family welcomed me with open arms, a true reflection of the hospitality Andalusians are famous for, the testimony of this was the sumptuous cuisine freshly prepared daily (Fish, fresh fruit and veg etc…).
The accommodation and surrounding were idyllic and perfect to relax and reflect on what you had learnt and to prepare for the next day. There are so many resources to supplement you learning during your stay (Books, films, music) and the activities are great too. My tortilla went down a treat at dinner!
Both Elisabeth and Estefanía paid full attention making it a completely immersive experience. Upon returning to the UK I would for the first couple of day’s accidently respond back to questions in Spanish. I was still immersed in the language and cultural.
I highly recommend the Agualivar experience, my only regret is that I wasn’t able to stay longer, however I’m already looking forward to my return. (Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda,  nos vemos pronto)”. Wayne Wright, IT Consultant from UK. March 2016.