I cannot imagine a better place, or a better way, to study Spanish. First and foremost, both Estefania and Elizabeth are warm, caring, energetic and conscientious teachers. 

The morning classes are serious and intensive, but a lot of fun. The rest of the day provides a continuous opportunity to speak and listen to Spanish. The leisurely lunches and dinners allow for relaxed and informal conversation with Estefania, Elizabeth, their parents, and any other students who may be there. Living at Agualivar is delightful. The beautiful house is surrounded by orchards and gardens and so the food is always fresh and beautifully prepared. The sisters and their mother are all extraordinary cooks; they produce wonderful meals every day. After two weeks at Agualivar I feel that my Spanish has improved significantly and that I have friends in Spain. My experience has left me more motivated than ever to learn the language. I recommend this program without reservation.