The Agualivar Spanish School was exactly what I had hoped for and I can’t recommend it too highly. 

The welcoming family environment, amazing food and fantastic views made my stay a complete pleasure. In the morning classroom sessions Estefania and Elisabeth worked on my (considerable) difficulties with grammar, reinforcing the information with role play and language games. They also designed the lessons around topics which interested me, and it’s hard not to talk a lot when you are having an interesting discussion. My main aim had been to improve my spoken Spanish and the total immersion course was perfect for that. Like many learners I have had very little opportunity to speak Spanish with native speakers, and I was very nervous about being able to cope in Spanish for a whole week, but I can honestly say I spoke only a handful of words in English during my stay. I spent a day in Malaga after the course, and, when I spoke to receptionists, shopkeepers, waiters etc. in Spanish, for the first time ever they didn’t immediately switch to English – what’s more, I was able to understand their replies!