Agualivar school was a perfect school for me. This full immersion program was just as I imagined and hoped for. I feel very lucky that I found this school and appreciate Carmen and Jose for their warm welcome, and Estefania and Elizabeth for their hospitality and great efforts in teaching Spanish.

I almost never had a chance to speak Spanish in Japan and decided to take one-week trip to improve my Spanish. At that time, I didn’t even know the idea of “full immersion study”. I encountered the idea just when I started to think “Can I really improve my Spanish just by taking 2 or 3 lessons a day in Spain, and not speaking at all after classes?” (Maybe only at a coffee shop or something)
Then, I found a full immersion program. This is a very effective way to improve your Spanish skill. At Agualivar, both teachers explain everything in Spanish whether in the classroom or in the kitchen but make sure you understand it. After classes, you can help them prepare lunch or dinner if you like, enjoy delicious food and conversation with both teachers and their parents, relax in the beautiful house, and sometimes visit a sightseeing area with teachers. While you enjoy the life in Spain, you also keep learning Spanish at all times. Both teachers are always there to help you speak Spanish.
Moreover, food in Agualivar is excellent! Many vegetables and fruits are from their own garden. In addition, there are great cooks at Agualivar. I enjoyed every meal and also seeing how they prepare food.
I stayed there only one week (really wished to have one more week), but I think I could improve my Spanish more than I expected. On the last day in Malaga, I could enjoy a small conversation in Spanish with a hotel receptionist and other persons at shops and restaurants.