Business Spanish Immersion

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Business Spanish Immersion
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Agualivar Spanish School offers a Business Spanish Immersion. Students live and learn in the same house-school with Agualivar team, teachers and a Spanish family. It is a real Spanish Immersion homestay in which students have the needed independence as well as all the support of the school.


The aim of the course is the training of interested employees to manage the challenges of growing Spanish market as well as to enhance their Spanish language skills in their specific business needs through a real Spanish Immersion and a 24/7 program.

Besides, it will allow employees to know the cultural differences in subjects such as negotiations.

We can point out these other aims:

  • To be able to do business with Spanish speakers countries. To offer services and products.
  • To improve the speaking fluently and get confidence using Spanish at work.
  • To improve the formal writing.
  • To understand the theorical business topics, such as kind of companies, organisation, finances, negotiating or commercial activity.


  • 30h Spanish lessons per week.
  • Small group: 4 students as maximum
  • +10 hours of Spanish a day (living with your teachers and attending activities)
  • Materials and tuition
  • Individual assessment at the start of the course
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner shared with our family. Healthy and Mediterranean food.
  • Accommodation in our house. A fantastic Beachfront Villa. With PRIVATE bathroom.
  • Transfer from the local bus station (Lagos)
  • 24 hour support from Agualivar Spanish School staff
  • Certificate of attendance




Our program is designed for those who are interested in learning Business Spanish successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying in our own house-school with our teachers.

The program has a total of 6 hours of Spanish lessons a day which are based on 4 lessons of 90 minutes each one with a break among them. Students have a practical and experiential learning through presentation, discussion groups and roll plays. During the meals time, students keep learning and improving their communication skills with Agualivar Team.


Sunday: Arriving day. After 5 p.m. we will be at home to welcome you. Sunday is a day to relax and take a break from your trip, to get to know the family, the house… We provide you the schedule for the week, have dinner and go to bed to rest and gather strength for the week to come.

 Monday to Friday:

8:30 – 9:15: We usually have breakfast between 8:30 and 9:15h.

9:30 – 14:00: Lessons start at 9:30 until 11:00h. We take a short break -15 minutes more or less- and then, we continue with another lesson from 11:15 to 12:45h. After a break of 15 minutes, we continue with a 1h Spanish lesson.

14:00 – 15:30: Lunch time is about 14:00h. Although the times are approximate.

15:30 – 16:30: After lunch, you have time to relax.

16:30 – 18:30: Spanish lessons.

Time to prepare the dinner. Just as lunch, you can help us to prepare everything or you can have free time!

20:30 – 22:00: Dinner time. Times are approximate. Take in account that in Spain usually people have dinner later than in another countries. Our family try to find a balance between our times and your times to eat. But this depend on the season and the day.

After the dinner, we sometimes play some games as “Rummy”, “Spanish Banana Grams” or “Tabú”. Always is Spanish! 🙂 Do you join us?


It is time to leave (just in case you have enrol in only one week immersion). Departure time is before midday.

Alternatively, if you have booked more than one week immersion, you can take advantage of your free time during the weekend:

– Staying at home with us, taking part in our daily life.

– Exploring Málaga by yourself. We will provide you tips and recommendations.

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Detalles del curso

  • Clases 1
  • Pruebas 1
  • Duración From 1 week
  • Nivel B1 and higher
  • Idioma Spanish
  • Estudiantes 4
  • Certificado No
  • Evaluaciones Self
Agualivar Spanish School
Agualivar is a family-run school located in Málaga province, off the beaten tracks. Students live with the Spanish teachers "Estefanía and Elisabeth" and their family. It is ideal for adults and families looking for something different. A real Spanish immersion with the teachers at your disposal around the clock. Amazing food and setting!